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Sep 08

Sarah Palin’s national debut

Considering that all the speeches we saw tonight were disjointed messes, it was only natural that Palin’s speech would follow the trend.

Considering that all the speeches we saw tonight were chock full of blatant lies the records of the candidates, it was only natural that Palin’s speech would follow the trend.

Considering that Palin was a virtual unknown 5 days ago, the speech she needed to give to win over America, was not given tonight.  Instead, we got a red meat speech geared toward corporate and the fringe “religious” right.  In other words, tonight was another wasted night at the Republican National Convention.  Palin needed to introduce herself to America and assauge our fears that she was a credible pick for the VP slot.  Unfortunately, she turned herself into that friend you bring to a party who proceeds to insult everyone else at the party and their mamas.

While this made for great political theater in the Xcel Center and on TV, the reality is that instead of looking tough, she came off catty and shallow.  That’s very unfortunate and as a female, it was offensive and embarrassing.  Palin’s speech tonight put a very public and demeaning face on female executives across the country.

For someone with no national experience she touted what little experience she does have as more than Obama or Biden.  The only problem is that McCain’s experience is similar to Biden’s only less.  How do you walk that back?  How does the GOP, logically, say “Well, she has more experience than the Democrats, but not enough experience to be President.”?  How do you convince me that a person who left a town of 6000 with a $22M deficit is responsible?  How do you convince America that she’s a “reformer” when she not only asked for, but kept the earmarks McCain deplores and she lied about denying?

I wish I could be happy that the RNC finally broke it’s own cathedral high glass ceiling by nominating a female for Vice President.  But like with Hillary Clinton, it’s the wrong woman for the job.  There are many female Republicans who are not only part of the mainstream, but are smart, efficient capable females who would appeal not just to the fringe “religious” base of the GOP,  but to a wider swath of the electorate; moderate Democrats and Republicans and many independents.

As I looked in on blogs, twitter and friendfeed during her speech, I heard the same refrain from most of the Republicans, “This woman is scary.”  They felt insulted that her speech mocking Obama also mocked them for their actions.  They felt insulted that instead of telling us what they would do without lies and fear, they just repeated the GOP actions of lies and fear.  They felt insulted that because they live in big cities, they seem no longer welcome in their own party.

I want to thank Gov. Palin.  Tonight’s speech could have been very good and impressive.  Clearly, that’s not what the GOP was going for and the speeches leading up to hers proved that.  But what her speech did do was not only convince a lot of Republicans and Independents that the GOP is no longer for them, but she also energized the Democratic base.

Sep 08

Republican hypocrisy

And the GOP assault on my intelligence continues.  The newest being this whole Palin baby drama. In a statement from Gov. Palin, she said that she outed her minor daughter’s current pregnancy to rebut rumors online that the baby born in April was really said daughter’s.  I’m at a loss as to how this is a rebuttal. In my world, an adult response would have been something like, “I refuse to discuss unfounded and offensive rumors regarding my minor child.” But that’s just me.

The hypocrisy in all this is that GOPs tsk-tsking over online rumors being given credence. Nevermind that by acknowledging those rumors the McCain-Palin campaign gave them life, therefore forcing the national media to delve into them. Surely, the GOP is above spreading unfounded rumors online, right?

  • This is the political party who has an operative spending almost $3M on Ayers ads.
  • This is the political party who to this day still accuse Obama of being a Muslim as if there’s anything wrong with that.
  • This is the political party who gave us “McCain has a black baby” (NOTE: We never see the ‘black baby’ with the McCain’s as they campaign, be we do see his biological daughter.)
  • This is the political party who spent almost 6 months repeating over and over that Michelle Obama said “whitey”, without a shred of evidence and they’re still trying to force this rumor.
  • This is the political party who accuses Sen. Clinton of being a murderer.

All of a sudden, these people are trying to convince me and the US that they are just shocked and amazed that online rumors are fueling our political discourse. I’d like to say the general American public isn’t that dumb, but history has proven otherwise.

Feb 08


Holy crap!  No one’s calling for anyone on the GOP side.  Minutes ago, McCain was up 34%.  Now, Huckabee and McCain are split by 3 votes, with Huckabee ahead.


Jan 08

Shorter Rudy: Old white guys only

From First Read:

Asked at a house party whether his cabinet would be made up an “old boys network” Giuliani said it was presumptuous to discuss who would be in his administration, and referenced a book on how Abraham Lincoln selected his political rivals for his cabinet.

“The cabinet would look like last night’s debate,” he said, before adding, “with one exception.”

Wouldn’t it have just been easier for him to say ‘yes’ instead of playing coy?

To read the post at First Read, they seem to think that the “with one exception” line is more important than the fact that Giuliani just said that women and minorities have no place in his cabinet.

Jan 08

The mouthbreathers are unhinged

Not a shock. I know, but I’ve been reading comment sections these past few weeks, paying particular care to the Clinton and Obama commenters. It’s interesting in that with Clinton you can tell who is a Democrat who hates her vs. who’s a Republican who hate her. Democrats (at least the ones who most likely didn’t vote for Nader) don’t like her because of her record in the Senate. Fair enough. The deranged Republicans don’t like her because of her husband. None of them can actually talk about what she’s done in the Senate. They mention all kinds of actions or policies from the Clinton administration, and somehow Sen. Clinton is at fault. Following that logic, Laura Bush is responsible for trading Sammy Sosa, ignoring the PDB titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike US”, and waging two illegal wars.

Doesn’t make much sense does it?

Now with Obama, the yawn-inducing “He’s a Muslim” line is used, but so many people are aware that that’s a lie, that people who use that tend to get mocked. Following that “smear”, is the “Why doesn’t the media use his middle name? [insert creepy music] It’s HUSSEIN!!!!111!!” [thunder/lightning/cymbals crashing] Replying to these people I ask the following questions and never get an answer:

1. When is the middle name of any candidate ever used?
2. I seriously doubt those nincompoops could tell me Mike Huckabee’s or John McCain’s middle names (without Googling it, but how can I verify that?).
3. I have a friend named Hussein who’s a Christian minister. I know a Jewish guy who’s last name is Hussein. I know a guy from Kenya who’s first name is Hussein. I even know a half-Phillipino/half-Indian guy named Hussien. He’s Catholic. Is the name Hussein supposed to mean something?

Since Thursday night though, glimpse at the comment sections on MSNBC, ABCNEWS, or CNNs sites, especially on those articles and post about Obama. It’s pathological among those people. I understand that the GOP and the Bush administration has proven to them the canard that if you tell a lie enough people begin to believe it, but this has gotten ridiculous.

Dec 07

Why Mike Huckabee Should Never Be President

Same reason Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton should never be president. We have a separation of church and state in our Constitution. We do not have a religious requirement for a person to become president. We should never entertain the thought of a religious leader, no matter the religion, to become president. This means that several of my family members and friends should never be allowed to be president.

I’m okay with that.

I just want those people who feel that Huckabee is a good idea for a president because he’s a minister to think about their hypocritical feelings if Huckabee was a rabbi or an imam. Think of all those idiot Republicans and GOP media types who make a big deal of Senator Obama attending a Muslim school as a child, in a Muslim country and the lies and idiocies they spread about the Christian Senator wanting to turn this secular country Muslim. Not just your average run-of-the-mill Muslim, but a psychotic-beheading-jailing-the-rape-victim sort (I had to throw in the beheading so you won’t think I was talking about, Bill O’Reilly). Then think about how you feel when I say: Huckabee as president is dangerous because he is a Baptist minister and would turn this country into something out of A Handmaid’s Tale. Or worse.

Nov 07

Hysterical Raisins does it again

Damn, that was fast. I wanted to see if my fauxBFF had anything up on HR regarding the debates. Instead, I got treated to this.

Love the tagline.

Nov 07

GOP Debate tonight

Those stone-aged, zany, torture loving Taliban GOP candidates have decided to come out of hiding and actually do the CNN/YouTube debate. You’ll remember that after the Democrats did their CNN/YouTube debate, the Taliban GOP candidates all quickly decided that having regular people ask them questions was more than they should have to deal with and all of a sudden “scheduling conflicts” arose.

If you read CNNs website, you’d be under the impression that Serious People have been doing Serious Research in filtering what questions will be shown. If you watched the Democratic debate, you’ll see that the Serious People were more interested in showing clips from people who seem to get their news from Faux, repeating old lies and distortions. Which makes this statement all the more interesting:

“This debate is to let Republican voters pick from among their eight candidates,” said David Bohrman, Washington bureau chief and senior vice president for CNN. “We are trying to focus mostly on questions where there are differences among these candidates.”

I seem to recall more than a few Republicans asking questions of the Democrats (click here for a link to all shown questions) and even looking at the submittals, I wonder how they determine how the people are registered. Very few of them claim a side, they generally go straight to their question. One can only assume from this that one of the negotiating points for the GOP candidates to actually show up, is if they get only Taliban GOP-friendly questions.

This should make for an interesting evening regardless. I know that each Taliban GOP candidate is nutso in his own special way, some of them crazy in 5 different ways, but each debate allows you to learn just how bass-ackward these dudes are. Hey, maybe tonight we’ll learn that none of those white males on stage think that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, or people of color should be given an education.

Nov 07

Al Hubbard to resign

MSNBC had a ticker on it’s site that Al Hubbard (BFF of Bush from his Havard biz school days) is resigning. As you know, Al Hubbard is the Director of the National Economic Council. If you managed to go about your life not knowing Al Hubbard exists, then you’re in company with maybe 90% of the rest of the world. But that means you missed this from 2005. Mr. Rose Colored Glasses explains the economy to the masses. Or you may remember him from his full of liesl op-ed on the SCHIP that ran recently in USA Today.

But does it matter? All we need to wonder about is how much is he going to get for his book?

Nov 07

Bye-bye Republicans

I was thrilled last week when I found out that zanyMike Ferguson was not going to seek reelection. He had to resort to all kinds of dirty campaign tricks to win in ‘06. Funny, I had always assumed (yet another) gay scandal would have done him in. Then of course Dennis Hastert is done. The act that despite being a Republican he has kept his word and handed in his resignation yesterday has me positively giddy. But the one that had me happier than a pig in shit is the surprise announcement of Trent Lott’s retirement. That’s one less klansmen in the Senate, so that means there’s only 67 more left! Kidding. Sorta.

Ant any rate, I think Lott’s announcement now brings the total up to 18 or 19 GOP party boys who don’t like to actually do any work when they can’t just rubberstamp the president’s desires. Nice work ethic there guys and congrats to the 3 of you who managed not to be involved in a gay sex scandal. That’s not to say it didn’t happen, it’s just that you didn’t get caught.