Dec 07

Sick. Again.

Dammit. I’m sick again. Now I have have a horrible cold. I hope it clears up before New Year’s Eve. I’m really looking forward to that night and watching the fireworks in our neighborhood. The next morning, I’d planned to take Ilia up to the Rose Parade and then have our yearly New Year’s Day brunch. That last I’m not to excited about. Especially if I’m still sick. We’ll see. Maybe I can use my illness as an excuse to uninvite people I didn’t want to come in the first place and still have the brunch. LOL…Horrible, I know, but you know when you invite people out of habit, rather than any real feeling for wanting to hang out with them? That’s what I did. And I’m looking at my list going why did I invite this person when I haven’t even seen him since ’05? Or why is this guy invited when he just makes everyone else uncomfortable? And this lady just clings to me, even though she knows other people…maybe when I wake my nap I’ll have a solution.