Dec 07

Bush thinks he owns the White House

I’m gonna lay it out.

Just because Daddy bought you votes and the Supreme Court does not mean you literally own the title to the White House. That is still the People’s house and a few million of my more moronic Americans (and some of Daddy’s cash) are simply allowing you to stay there.

I’ll put it in little words so you can understand: When the public wants to know who is visiting the White House, the public gets to know who is visiting the White House. No one should have to file court papers to get public papers to a public building into the public. You do not have the right to tell the American people what is public or not. You are just the president. You are not a lawyer. You are not the Justice Department, no matter how many asskissers you stock it with. You work for us.

You have less than a year in office. I know you’re pretty hard-headed and resistant to facts, but you had 7 years to figure this out and there is no excuse for your stupid, childish tantrums.

Aug 07

Gonzo gone

Bleeeh. This pigfucker (excuse my language, but this is the nicest word I can think of for this pigfucker), could have done this months ago. This is effective Sep. 17th, in other words, not fast enough. Not that I would expect Bush to appoint anyone better, but this….can’t even be happy with it. So, now we’re left wondering what useless waste of space sycophant Bush will appoint and try to steamroll over Congress with.