Internet Confession Time

Mar 09

Internet Confession Time: Videos

I haven’t seen the Two Girls, One Cup video and I think my life is just fine. I don’t get the references to it and I’m quite okay with that.

Mar 09

Internet Confession Time: SD Cards

Transcend 8GB SDHC Class 6 Memory Card
Image via Wikipedia

I never pretend to be all tech geeky. I free admit that after all these years I finally figured out the acronym BSOD means Blue Screen Of Death. But yesterday I learned what SD in SD card meant. It stands for Secure Digital. How about that? I never bothered to care about what it was, but now that I know, I feel dumb for not knowing (or caring) before.

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Mar 09

Internet Confession Time: Birthdays

4 of my 5 uncles were born in March. I know the dates, but I not kept track of which uncle belongs to which date. So…I wait until the 27th, when is the last day I know for sure there’s a birthday, and call all of them.

Mar 09

Internet Confession Time: Xbox

Whenever I see Major Nelson’s (from Xbox) tweets about hitting the gym. I always want to reply: Get a Wii!

Mar 09

Internet Confession Time: Hunger

This is what runs through my mind when I’m starving and looking for something to eat: