Sep 09

NHRA Museum at the Fairplex

Did you know that there is an NHRA Museum on site at the Fairplex in Pomona? I didn’t. All these years and I had no idea. When we went to the LA County Fair on Saturday, we stumbled upon this place. It’s packed full of racing history. Admission was $1 for adults and frankly, should be more. The place is detailed in racing history, complete with roadsters, motorcycles and drag racers from the beginning of racing history on down to today.

Melrose Missle III

Melrose Missle III




Original Batmobile


Wally Parks


Bench with racing stickers



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Aug 08

NBC still sucks

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I wrote an entry about the suckitude of NBC covering the Olympics back in 2006.  NBCs coverage certainly fell off 10 years previous, but since Sydney, it’s increasingly painful to watch.  It’s not the just the fluff pieces on the athletes where a knee scrape at the age of 6 is told with overwrought music and fraught with drama.  It’s not just the insufferable focus on American athletes, many of whom don’t stand a chance to win a medal, let along a gold one.  It’s not even the fact that if you do not have cable, you’ll miss 95% of the coverage.  The worst part of NBCs coverage, at least for me here on the west coast is the utter lie that is that taunting “LIVE” icon in the top right corner of my screen.

Opening Ceremonies carried that “LIVE” tag, even though earlier in the day I heard about all the technological feats from European friends a good 9 hours before I even had a chance to watch it.  Yesterday, people were talking about swimmer Michael Phelps wondering if he’d win his gold medal.  3 hours before it was shown here on the west coast, I already knew that he did.

I had this rant ready to go, but I just reread what I wrote in ’06 and it still stands today.  The 2 points I made then, I wanted to make today:

Not to knock on my fellow countrymen, but the best part about the Olympics is the internationality of it all. I love seeing people excel in sports that they shouldn’t have or surpass all kinds of odds just to get to the Olympics, but I have a feeling that Americans don’t have a corner on hardship*


Now let’s get to programming. Remember the days when the Olympics were carried live? Remember when you had to set your VCR to tape figure skating at 2:45pm? Well now, we’re subjected to 3.5 hours of highlights. By the time the Olympics air here on the West Coast, I already know who won. Hell, Comcast On-Demand has the winners up before NBC plays their stinkin’ highlight reel. And that’s exactly what it is: a flippin’ highlight reel. I have no idea what’s edited out until I see who’s competed. On the computer. Where it’s already tomorrows in Torino. You’d think that there are really only 6 people competing in any given sport. Those other names? They’re just ghosts of Olympics past.

I think that if I want to watch soccer and avoid gymnastics, I shouldn’t have to use a chart to determine when it will actually run and on what channel.  I should be able to watch an entire competition all the way through.  Instead, last night we got a chunk of gymnastics (US, China and Japan only, even though 5 other countries also competed), some swim races, a volleyball game, interviews with the US Women’s fencing team and highlights of other sports that weren’t televised at all.

How do they think  that is watchable?  That was just on the Universal HD (where it is so not HD) channel.  I popped over to USA Spain vs. Greece basketball and the commentators were calling color from a studio in New York!  I haven’t caught anything on MSNBC, Oxygen, Telemundo or CNBC mostly because I find it ridiculous I have to flip that much to watch old news. But I wish I knew the reason why content couldn’t be aired live across all timezones at the same time.  NBA finals, Super Bowl, World Series, Wimbledon, US Open, etc. are all aired at the same time in the US.  Why not the Olympics?

I really, really, really detest NBCs coverage and you can let them know at [email protected]

Mar 08

A day at the races

We were supposed to be working. But…it’s Saturday and it’s not like our clients are paying our rush fee, so we went to Santa Anita. First off…it was also the KROQ Microbrew Festival. I had originially planned on sitting in the infield, but when that was more than enough to keep me away from the clones with bad taste in music. Secondly…it was gray and drizzling all day. All damn day. You know these fools had the nerve to wear sunglasses anyway. I’m sorry, but you do not look cool in a tank top and sunglasses when it’s drizzling and about 62 degrees.


The kids loved it. Now, I’ve gotta admit something. No matter how many times I go to a racetrack, I flashback to the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady. I loved the black and white costumes and the song before the race starts is simply brilliant. But this scene is what kills me every time.

When we got there, Ilia was just blown away by the amount of people, my husband’s never been to Santa Anita before and Alton was asleep. We arrived before the 3rd race, so we found a bench and waited. The look on Ilia’s face when the horses came by was totally worth it. The crowd yelling and cheering; men yelling, “Come on boy!” and we caught up in the frenzy!

I took Ilia around to the courtyard to see the horses, but the call of nature was loud and we missed them. Lucky for us, we came out on the other side and were able to see the horses being led to the track. She even made a friend (Jim Bob) in the paddock.

Both of the kids loved the races, and Ilia connected it with the Backyardigans Horsing Around episode. There was high drama in one race, when one horse slipped and had to pul from the race. Ilia was very concerned until she saw the horse paramedic speeding on the track.

Since we’ve been back home, both of the kids have been pretending to be jockeys and racing around the house. I’ve gotta get them out to the Speedway this summer.