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Bye-bye Republicans

I was thrilled last week when I found out that zanyMike Ferguson was not going to seek reelection. He had to resort to all kinds of dirty campaign tricks to win in ‘06. Funny, I had always assumed (yet another) gay scandal would have done him in. Then of course Dennis Hastert is done. The act that despite being a Republican he has kept his word and handed in his resignation yesterday has me positively giddy. But the one that had me happier than a pig in shit is the surprise announcement of Trent Lott’s retirement. That’s one less klansmen in the Senate, so that means there’s only 67 more left! Kidding. Sorta.

Ant any rate, I think Lott’s announcement now brings the total up to 18 or 19 GOP party boys who don’t like to actually do any work when they can’t just rubberstamp the president’s desires. Nice work ethic there guys and congrats to the 3 of you who managed not to be involved in a gay sex scandal. That’s not to say it didn’t happen, it’s just that you didn’t get caught.

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