Republican hypocrisy

And the GOP assault on my intelligence continues.  The newest being this whole Palin baby drama. In a statement from Gov. Palin, she said that she outed her minor daughter’s current pregnancy to rebut rumors online that the baby born in April was really said daughter’s.  I’m at a loss as to how this is a rebuttal. In my world, an adult response would have been something like, “I refuse to discuss unfounded and offensive rumors regarding my minor child.” But that’s just me.

The hypocrisy in all this is that GOPs tsk-tsking over online rumors being given credence. Nevermind that by acknowledging those rumors the McCain-Palin campaign gave them life, therefore forcing the national media to delve into them. Surely, the GOP is above spreading unfounded rumors online, right?

  • This is the political party who has an operative spending almost $3M on Ayers ads.
  • This is the political party who to this day still accuse Obama of being a Muslim as if there’s anything wrong with that.
  • This is the political party who gave us “McCain has a black baby” (NOTE: We never see the ‘black baby’ with the McCain’s as they campaign, be we do see his biological daughter.)
  • This is the political party who spent almost 6 months repeating over and over that Michelle Obama said “whitey”, without a shred of evidence and they’re still trying to force this rumor.
  • This is the political party who accuses Sen. Clinton of being a murderer.

All of a sudden, these people are trying to convince me and the US that they are just shocked and amazed that online rumors are fueling our political discourse. I’d like to say the general American public isn’t that dumb, but history has proven otherwise.

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  • Cinchy
  • Yeah, pretty much.

    I would love to see the focus shifted ever-so-slightly: from the pregnant teenage daughter herself to just how effective abstinence-based sex-education is. Seems like it hasn't worked out so well in their case.

    I want to think America is smarter than this too, but I live in rural Georgia and thus I know better than that.
  • While I appreciate the sentiment expressed and find the general mode of character assassination attack politics to be nauseating, people need to take a big step back when it comes to hypocrisy. All too often hypocrisy is used as a catch all defense for any evil committed in the world. The idea is that if you can show that the accuser of some moral injustice has at one point or another committed that same injustice to a greater or lesser extent, they are effectivly shut down and banned from speaking out on moral ills.
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