Oct 08

And Ode to Mrs. Palin

It’s official, this campaign has a lot more funny than the last one.

Oct 08


I have no words as I’m still laughing.

Aug 08

Dance Ditty of the Day

Jul 08


Jun 08

Obama thanks his staff

Here’s a nice little (13:39) video of Sen. Obama thanking his staff for their hard work throughout the primary campaign:

May 08

Lost in Paradise

Well, I had a post ready to go about a photo I snapped over the weekend. I pulled it because 8 Track Kid over at LA Metblog, not only posted the photo, but posted the same exact thing I had planned on running. Since, I decided there was no call for redundancy even if I didn’t post it over at LA Metblogs, that’d I’d post my new favorite YouTube video:

Apr 08

ELECTION ’08: Clinton impersonates Giuliani

h/t to TPM:

Hillary Clinton now has an ad running in PA with imagery of Osama bin Laden.


I…er…I thought that that was GOP territory. I mean, how many SOTU addresses have we played drinking games where we chug when Bush mentioned 9/11? How many times did we laugh at the inanity of Dick Cheney tying bin Laden with Iraq? Now, Sen. Clinton has concern trolled her way into the gutter.

The Obama campaign has a response:

Wonder how that’ll play with the Clinton’s?

Apr 08

Honey, let’s use the kids to spout our political views!

Because this is not totally disgusting:

I had to barf at #8. Are they really teaching their daughters shit like that?  I was going to post a comment, but the person just seems so proud of their little talking dolls.

I know I’ve taken pictures of my daughter with her Obama sign and her buttons, but I don’t let her wear that stuff when we go out.  I didn’t force her to like Obama.  She was a fan of his last fall, I didn’t even support him until January.  I wouldn’t give her skit to memorize and fucking post it on the Internet.  That’s some seriously twisted stuff you know?

Man…folks is crazy.

And I bet that those people do not have the backbone to stand in front of a video camera themselves and say that bullshit.  That’s a shame.  No integrity at all.

Mar 08

Who’s experience?

A couple of weeks back, Omir the Storyteller, posted a funny skit over at Booman Tribune. We all laughed and thought it would be great to see in video. Real History Lisa found some people and some money and got it done.

Mar 08

It’s Raining John McCain?

h/t to Poplicks…here is a pro-campaign video that is actually worse than any of those horrid pro-Clinton videos:

I’m trying to figure out what was worse: the message or the singing.