Apr 08

The bench is done!

You’re jealous of my Best Buy/Ikea themed potting bench/bar/buffet thingy.  And you can’t even seen the ultimate coolness. Adrian actually had a great idea…the top shelf has a built-in planter in the back.  Damn…you just got even greener!  Tomorrow, I’m going to put something up there.

Don’t hate on me cuz my bench is the bombdiggity.

Apr 08

My soon-to-be bench

Well, that’s it.  That’s what I finished up yesterday.  I need to get some 3″ screws, so I can put the shelf on top.  Then I’m still trying to decided if I want to add another shelf on the bottom and if so, where?  At any rate, my plan for today is to at least be able to get the first coat of paint on it today.

My hands, back and knees (!) hurt so bad.  I feel like I ran and went to the gym.

Apr 08

Can you say tired?

I started on a potting bench/bar/buffet.  I should have taken a photo of how much I completed today.  It’s almost done.  I just need to put the top shelf on.  Hijole!  My back is killing me and I think I swallowed a cup’s worth of sawdust.  Of course, it doesn’t help that it was unnaturally windy  either.

I had just finished ripping some plywood, and my driveway was covered in sawdust from other trees I killed pieces I cut earlier in the day.  I sat there gasping for breath after having a serious fight with my circular saw, then all of a sudden the wind picked up.  Oh my goodness!  Sawdust everywhere!  Swirling around furiously, everything shifted 7 feet over, meaning in my cup of water and my soda.  It was in my eyes, my mouth, my hair…my hair!  I stalked into the house, “I am so not moving to Mars!”.  Okay.  It was pointed out that I’d be in a spacewalker if I did move to Mars, but still…I was Making A Point.

Other than that it was all fine, minus the parts where A-Dawg constantly kept saying, “Don’t you want to sand this down?” or “My Dremel can do it.”  Whatev.

And I’m pleased to note that 90% of the bench/bar/buffet is recycled materials.  Most of the wood is from the previous owners, the rest from the scrap pile at the lumber yard.  The screws mostly are also from the previous owners.  So…yay me!  If you’re in LA and have extra wood or stone or brick that needs to be gone, feel free to drop it off at my place.