Apr 08



That’s our tax bill.  Doesn’t that sound a bit ridiculous?  I can’t even pay my cable bill and I’m expected to cough up 20 large?  I really don’t understand the tax thing.  We used to have an accountant do our taxes, but we can’t afford $680 to pay him.  We have so many other accountants tell us that our taxes are simple.  Ha.  No, simple is me filling out that 840EZ or whatever it was called and waiting for my refund check.  I haven’t gotten a refund since I got married.

Our tax bill before ’05 used to be $2000 – $2500.  That’s a lot, but at least it was manageable.  Then we started making money.  Being so busy, we weren’t actually entertaining clients as often.  That means less deductions.  Our tax bill for for ’05 came up to $15, 838.  What I calculated for ’06 was $18, 762.  We also bought a bunch of new stuff a few years ago, so we can’t even take deductions on equipment.

What sucks the most is that we can’t claim the boy because I can’t find his stupid Social Security card, so I don’t know the number.  So there’s $3400 + day care expenses down the drain.  Even the house stuff is baffling.  I keep being told that all the repairs we’ve done for the house were deductible, I can’t see where.  Maybe I’m not doing the right form, but all I know is that just on materials alone, we spent a little over $10K on the house.  That doesn’t even count the other $11K we spent on labor.  I did the partial deduction since we work at home, but that only take into account 5% of that total.

So…I’m depressed.  I know that I can revisit my tax returns and I’m sure I can do some sort of payment plan, but why should I depress myself more?