Dec 07

When crafters goes bad and good again

I’ve been known to look at utter crap and carefully stow it away for another day, “Maybe I can make something with this button, used dental floss and tampon box. If only I had gum wrapper…”. Yeah, sometimes I get downright MacGyver. That being said, I’ll never understand how or why some decided to create things out of trash just because they can. Take this post on (grrrrr yet another -ster site) entitled, More SODA CAN Trinkets. That means, that this person actually had previously posted something maybe entitled, SODA CAN Trinkets. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I sorta like, but will never actually carry those purses made from aluminum cans. That’s just way too much like advertising for my tastes. What I will not do is collect pull tabs from cans just to make a belt, purse or ugly brooch.

I think what kills me the most about that site are the comments. The people were gushing over the trinkets. Then you get to the last comment, where she suggests Arizona Tea cans and posts a link to her items created with aluminum cans.

Then all I hope for is some money to buy those super cool accessories made by doxiemama. And, if you’re feeling bad for not buying me a birthday gift, here’s a link to her Etsy shop: Little Libelle.

Nov 07

Does it make me a geek?

On Saturday, I got 3 catalogs from PosterGarden in the mail. I don’t know how I got on their mailing list, but I did and under 3 different company names. Anway, I flipped through just amazed at their low prices and what looks like quality tradeshow booths. I immediately began fantasizing about going to tradeshows to sell my jewelry. All I need is a cool booth! Poster Garden doesn’t just have booths, they sell everything, from floors to chairs to tables. Oh man. I thought of all the cool ways I could created my wonderful 10′x10′ environment. It would be all cluttered like most jewerly booths. Mine would have ambiance and stuff.

Alas, not only can I not afford to by a cool full color graphic tent with sidewalls, tablerunners and neat flooring, but I don’t even have that much jewelry to display!

Nov 07

The frustration!

Some of you know that I make jewelry. I sell it, though not in general. Did you click the link? That’s to my website adirah. I haven’t updated it since March 2005 and only stopped because php fucking sucks. Working onYearlyKos, having a new baby, busy with Adrian’s business took me away from making jewelry. Then we moved. Yikes!

When I saw the basement, I envisioned me down there, making jewelry, blogging and doing Adrian’s work from my own office down there. Things haven’t turned out as planned. Adrian took over the basement with his car crap. These days, there’s not much Adrian work, and so I blog. And fume.

Know what I do most days? I go outside for a smoke and stalk. Between the garage, which is a mess and the basement. I think about revamping and installing drywall, built-in storage and desks. I could put in the beading stuff downstairs. I could put a potting station and work bench in the garage. I fantasize about labeling stuff in plastic boxes.

To ease the pain, I’ll go visit my beads in the garage. I bought a beading magazine a couple of weeks ago and my fever rose. I want to bead. I want to create. I want to make little barrettes for Ilia, I want a new necklace.

I need to get off my ass and just do it.