Oct 07

Blog conferences

Blog World Expo is coming upon Nov. 8th and 9th in Las Vegas. Check out that page. I thought the BlogHer conference looked incredibly professional. This is a super professional conference. Look at the affordable tiered pricing. Look, the schedule is up way before the event (it’s been up for quite a few months now). Attendees will not be subjected to redundant panels, check out those sponsors and that website had actually information on. It’s not the sad wanna-be-funny-but-so-not-pulling-it-off of the Convention That Shall Not Be Named and it actually has more useful info on than the BlogHer site and I didn’t even think that was possible. I mean, you can find all the info you’re looking for now and the conference people aren’t acting like everything such a big secret.

Since I missed BlogHer from ’05 to this year, I had been wanting to attend a professional conference on blogging. Silly me, had assumed I would be working on one in ’05-’06, which was so not the case as leadership, among other things was sorely lacking. I most certainly didn’t attend one in August if this is any indication. But I had big plans on hitting the Blog World Expo.

Today prices are going up. sniff. I still can’t afford to go. Well, I can go, but then my family won’t be able to eat and they’ll be in the dark with not hot water. We don’t want that. SIGH. So, I must settle for liveblogs and any online info just like with BlogHer.

I’m expecting the Blogging While Brown convention will be just as professional. I think the people involved are serious and have such an extensive background in this sort of thing. I hope that we use BlogHer and this BlogWorld expo as examples of what to do, leaving others as an example of when good ideas (Thanks PastorDan!) get stolen and go somewhat wrong in the execution. LOL!

Seriously though, this BlogWorld Expo sounds just plain interesting, if a little general. I can’t wait to see what is offered at the Blogging While Brown convention.