Cheating hair

As we drove the streets of Oakland, I was discussing with a friend about why I keep my dreadlocks a certain length and had been considering cutting them a bit shorter. At a stop light we saw an older lady with long, grey dreadlocks.

“See, that’s what I want”, I said. “Grey dreadlocks. I live for that day. After that, maybe I’ll cut my hair short.”

My friend had cut her dreads off back in ‘03 after 12 years of having them. She replied, “Yes, I love that look. I think maybe when my hair turns grey, I’ll lock it up again.”

“But that’s cheating!”, I exclaimed.

“No, it isn’t. My hair will be grey no matter how I wear it”, she answered.

Still, somehow I think it’s cheating.

  • debohobo
    No that comment doesn't belong here...oops! :)
  • debohobo
    Funny, no annoying, no funny....and she probably manages the records too..scary, no funny, no scary.

    Competent service...where did it all go?
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