New Google Search buttons

The top buttons next to the link are promote and remove. The buttons down next to ‘Note this’ is a comment button.

Google Search Buttons

Google Search Buttons

This could be a great move or a bad idea depending on blogswarm leanings.  But for me, I’m happy that I can now search for items and have the option of removing fringe hate sites like Hot Air out of my search stream.

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  • Sounds like, Google have a hierarchy of plans and things to do in order. Lets take this button for example. The implement the right thing at right time. I guess this is the reason for their success.
  • This is one of very few blogs that was worth the read, a great insight. Your website is very nicely designed, I have already bookmarked it. Thank you.
  • Why in my google page still don't have all this button? Anyway if have will be helpful and easier then. Same thinking with you , right now my search stream is a mess. Thanks ^^
  • I wonder how much these will catch on. I don't know how much I'd actually use them.
  • hey faboo!!!
    just stopped by to wish you and yours a wonderful thanksgiving! mmmwwaahhh!
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