I’m still laughing

Last night, the GOP put the word out that they may postpone their Convention in St. Paul, Minneapolis in Hurricane Gustav hits the Gulf Coast.  Their reasoning?

Senior Republicans said images of political celebration in the Twin Cities while thousands of Americans flee a hurricane could be dubious. “Senator McCain has always been sensitive to national crisis,” said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds, noting that the senator postponed announcing his presidential candidacy in 2000 because of the war in the Balkans. “We are monitoring the situation very closely.”

This would be admirable, but I think all remember how “sensitive” McCain was to the national crisis of Hurricane Katrina 3 years ago:

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  1. Maybe it's God's way of saying Time's up for the Republicans.

  2. Yes I agree that God had sent a strong signal to Bush and his cronies that the day Obama becomes the President is the day the black people remove the tag of being underachievers and sidelined.

    Heil Obama.

  3. That is a great laugh. Ironic as it seems.
    Rif Chia

  4. ohhh..Look how adorable they are. Don't you see they look alike?? Thanks for the laugh ^^

  5. We must be careful and sensitive if we become the leader of a nation.

  6. Wow they are very adorable. And yes they are look alike. :D

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