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TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Some other people’s thoughts

Last night, Jack and Jill Politics had a post that mirrors mine. Today, there’s another post, reading it with clarity (and less wine in my system) it’s well thought out:

Two weeks ago, Hillary was leading in MA by 37 points, Obama lost to her by 15 points. He erased a 22% deficit in less than two weeks. In NY, she was ahead by 28% on January 26th, but she ended up beating him by 14%, cutting her lead in half. Same thing in New Jersey - he lost, but not by what he was down two weeks.


Super Tuesday helped put the nail in the coffin about Obama being ‘ The Black Candidate’. It was very convenient for the MSM, as they went along with The Clintons to try and press the narrative, even after Obama won in 90%+ White Iowa, and came within 2 points in 90%+ New Hampshire, and won Rural Nevada.

Go and read the whole thing. JJP also linked up to Angry Independent’s thoughts on Super Tuesday. Angry Independent never thought Obama had a chance:

I’m watching CNN and I’m literally getting sick to my stomach.

The media is already spinning this as a big night for Hillary Clinton, the big name Senator and former first lady who was supposed to be coronated tonight.


Part of the reason why Clinton is getting this “spin” from the media is because of her win in California. They are even praising Clinton for winning New York? NO S–T CNN…. It’s her home State!!!

But this was a woman who led in almost all of the Super Tuesday States as recently as a month ago. She was leading in some States by 20% points or more…and she was leading nationally by similar margins. This was supposed to be her crowning moment.


He certainly made a believer out of me tonight. This was his first big test… and he passed with flying colors.

The media is desperate to have their candidate win so they will spin tonights results as everything but a victory for Obama.

It will be up to the bloggers to give Obama the credit that he deserves.

Oh well will. We understand how the media works. It’s the reason you have women saying they were crying when they cast a vote for Clinton. What’s up with that? I cast my vote for Obama yesterday because after months of agonizing and research, I decided he was the best option. There wasn’t any need to cry. I wasn’t throwing away my vote on more of the same.

Over at Booman Tribune, Booman posted his thoughts on Obama last night, too and ended with this:

I don’t see how Clinton can win the nomination now. I think she still has a chance…she didn’t get knocked out…but it’s now Obama’s race to lose. He’s got more money, he’s got more mojo, and Clinton doesn’t have any more Arkansas or New Yorks left on the schedule.

Now, I have to say that over the past 4 years I’ve seen Booman make predictions based on his analysis and I’ve shrugged at some, agreed with few and laughed at others. I’ve disagreed with him and thought he was crazy in some cases. I’ve told him this. But one thing I will say, is that Booman is rarely wrong or that far off. It’s uncanny. So, after 4 years of being right most of the time, I’m going to sit back and let this one be right for now.

Today, Booman posted more analyses on the upcoming primaries and caucuses for the rest of the county. I highly suggest you go read it.


Tonight was a big win for Obama. Yeah, I’m bummed that he didn’t win CA, but not surprised. As I’ll keep repeating, the voters of CA are incredible morons and supremely moderate. They never want to try something new. Uninformed stick-in-the-muds is my polite company term for the majority of our voters.

But back to the numbers…As of this writing, Obama has won 13 states with one more possibly going his way. His numbers are going up in CA, if these people could get some ballot counting going on. The spin from the Clinton campaign is that her 8 state wins are “unexpected”. If you believe that, you probably have bigger things to worry about, like how to talk and walk at the same time. Especially the Massachusetts win. No one with eyes and a brain expected Obama to win Massachusetts, the numbers just weren’t there. Clinton outspent Obama there, because he had the backing of the governor and two Senators. The ROI for her delegates must be worth it. Np shock that New York went to Clinton, everyone won their home states. No shock New Jersey went for Clinton, I hear they have problems with black people there AND it’s in Clinton’s backyard. Damn, what did she spend all that money on? These are states she was supposed to win.

What is shocking is Obama’s wins in some states. As I wrote at Jack and Jill Politics:

Obama was down 20 or 30 points in some of these states 3 months ago. He was down 10 - 15 points in some of these places 3 weeks ago. Tonight is HUGE for the Obama campaign. Clinton had to fight and that was unexpected no matter how hard her campaign tries to spin it.

That list of states won by Obama is huge. Some of those places have like 3 black people there and two of them are just visiting. It was a very big night.

Know that. Understand because as B-Serious wrote, this is why Clinton’s itching for some debates:

Other than that, it looks like Obama has Clinton right where he wants her. Want proof? All of a sudden, Hillary wants to schedule a series of debates. The media picked up on this. Hillary is looking for free publicity. Why? Because she’s losing the fundraising wars at a rate of more than 2 to 1. Plus, she knows that the next wave of contests favor Obama.

That dawned on me a couple of hours ago…I couldn’t figure out why Clinton would all of a sudden want weekly debates when she was bitching about the number of debates back in August. It’s obvious she feels that she does well in debates and Obama kinda doesn’t. My husband pointed out that the debates would keep Obama off the campaign trail and then I noted the free publicity.

Over at FirstRead they’ve given us a cute little breakdown:

13 states
9 red states / 4 blue states

8 states
4 red states / 4 blue states

Um…what’s that about electability again?

On the GOP side, I’m just shaking my head. McCain, who thinks he’s all conservative only won in those states where people fell for that “maverick” bullshit. The northeast. You know that section of the country conservatives sneer at for whatever unbalanced reason. That’s McCain’s territory.

Huckabee won the Bible Belt. Are we surprised? Nope. Huckabee went on TV even pretending like he’s this great uniter and can reach diverse people. I’m like, “Dude, you lost to crazy-ass Ron Paul in two states. What does that say about you?” Folks don’t want the Constitution replaced by your special version of the Bible and all your religious code in tonight’s speech was utterly disgusting. Knock it off, Gomer. How is this guy really an electable candidate when he’s getting 7% of the vote in states where they prefer white male, Christians?

When MSNBC called North Dakota for Mitt Romney, Keith Olbermann said, “Romney finally won a state that he didn’t live in at some point. That we know of.” Do you know what that means? Romney dropped $35M of his own money so people wouldn’t vote for him. Or Romney dropped $35M of his own money on people who would have voted for him anyway. That guy’s a successful businessman? I have to admit I’m a bit shocked he lost CA and I’m thisclose to expecting vote fraud, and if we didn’t have a kickass Secretary of State who makes sure we have fair elections I probably would. The Romney campaign said they were going to be having “frank discussions” tomorrow. I can tell what is going to be said, “Dad. You better stop spending our inheritance!”

If you rolled up all the GOP candidates into one, yeah, you’d have a walking ball of stupid, but at least it would be ball of stupid the average GOP voter could get behind, like their last ball of stupid. This fracture in the GOP party is interesting. It’s such a top-down organization. They tell people what to think and those people repeat it no matter how stupid. There’s no leadership. There’s no one telling them what to think. People are tired of pundit class choosing the candidates, while the pundit class can’t seem to hear these people telling them to STFU. There’s no leadership from anyone anywhere. No cohesiveness. Hey, they’re almost like Democrats. But rabid.

Now we go back to electability. You look at that map and look at Obama’s spread throughout the United States. He could rout any of those Republicans. What’s Clinton got? The typical “liberal” strongholds, state she was expected to win and Oklahoma.

Yeah, I know who I’m backing.

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Barack Obama’s numbers


Obama 270,644 56% 10
Clinton 203,023 42% 0
Edwards 7,307 2% 0
Uncommitted 2,457 1%  


Obama 150,441 50% 9
Clinton 139,861 47% 0
Edwards 2,928 1% 0
Uncommitted 2,550 1%


Obama 51,124 53% 3
Clinton 40,751 42% 0
Biden 2,863 3% 0
Edwards 1,241 1% 0


Obama 490,399 63% 16
Clinton 263,273 34% 8
Edwards 15,383 2% 0


Obama 1,298 75% 0
Clinton 395 23% 0
Uncommitted 35 2%  
Edwards 7 0% 0


Obama 869,714 65% 27
Clinton 435,190 33% 0
Edwards 25,527 2% 0


Obama 18,739 73% 0
Clinton 6,886 27% 0
Edwards 21 0% 0
Uncommitted 3 0%  


Obama 46,539 65% 0
Clinton 24,456 34% 0
Uncommitted 519 1%  
Edwards 384 1% 0

North Dakota

Obama 11,625 61% 0
Clinton 6,948 37% 0
Edwards 283 1% 0

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Hillary Clinton’s numbers


Clinton 99,642 71% 7
Obama 34,979 25% 0
Edwards 2,917 2% 0
Uncommitted 1,582 1%  


Clinton 572,808 56% 17
Obama 409,517 40% 0
Edwards 15,991 2% 0
No Preference 6,252 1%  

New Jersey

Clinton 483,316 53% 19
Obama 404,782 45% 0
Edwards 12,318 1% 0

New York

Clinton 954,201 57% 41
Obama 664,457 40% 0
Edwards 18,406 1% 0


Clinton 223,544 55% 7
Obama 126,993 31% 0
Edwards 42,116 10% 0


Clinton 286,115 59% 13
Obama 169,171 35% 0
Edwards 25,979 5% 0
Uncommitted 2,748 1%  

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: John McCain’s numbers


McCain 149,484 49% 0
Romney 92,462 31% 0
Huckabee 26,305 9% 0
Paul 12,365 4% 0
Giuliani 11,534 4% 0


McCain 67,826 52% 27
Romney 42,223 33% 0
Huckabee 9,235 7% 0
Paul 5,370 4% 0
Uncommitted 2,041 2%  
Giuliani 2,025 2% 0


McCain 22,626 45% 18
Romney 16,344 33% 0
Huckabee 7,706 15% 0
Paul 2,131 4% 0
Giuliani 1,255 2% 0


McCain 223,289 48% 0
Romney 131,462 28% 0
Huckabee 77,445 17% 0
Paul 24,262 5% 0
Giuliani 6,051 1% 0

New Jersey

McCain 246,765 56% 52
Romney 121,741 28% 0
Huckabee 36,455 8% 0
Paul 21,054 5% 0
Giuliani 11,472 3% 0

New York

McCain 286,309 51% 101
Romney 157,132 28% 0
Huckabee 62,548 11% 0
Paul 35,880 6% 0
Giuliani 16,901 3% 0


McCain 111,883 37% 23
Huckabee 100,351 33% 0
Romney 73,689 24% 0
Paul 10,129 3% 0
Giuliani 2,735 1% 0

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Mitt Romney’s numbers

Maine (not a Super Tuesday state, but I hadn’t recorded it here)

Romney 2,362 52% 18
McCain 958 21% 0
Paul 851 19% 0
Huckabee 268 6% 0
Undecided 94 2%  
Thompson 4 0% 0
Giuliani 2 0% 0
Hunter 0 0% 0


Romney 193,310 51% 14
McCain 155,903 41% 0
Huckabee 14,454 4% 0
Paul 10,191 3% 0
Giuliani 1,995 1% 0
No Preference 1,471 0%  


Romney 5,407 84% 36
McCain 514 8% 0
Paul 182 3% 0
Huckabee 141 2% 0
Giuliani 86 1% 0

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Mike Huckbee’s numbers


Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Huckabee 185,939 41% 0
McCain 170,530 38% 0
Romney 78,262 17% 0
Paul 12,032 3% 0
Giuliani 1,870 0% 0
Uncommitted 991 0%  


Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Huckabee 53,090 61% 0
McCain 17,591 20% 0
Romney 11,186 13% 0
Paul 4,194 5% 0
Uncommitted 353 0%  
Giuliani 284 0% 0


Huckabee 284,806 35% 0
McCain 258,854 32% 0
Romney 243,200 30% 0
Paul 23,565 3% 0
Giuliani 5,763 1% 0

West Virginia

Huckabee 567 52% 18
Romney 521 47% 0
McCain 12 1% 0
Giuliani 0 0% 0
Paul 0 0% 0

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Indonesia - Obama wins Democrats Abroad primary

Ugh…I kinda feel bad for using that term, considering what happened in Indonesia a couple of years ago.

Democrats Abroad is reporting that Obama has won the primary there:

Seventy-five percent of nearly 100 votes cast by expatriate Americans just past midnight (1700 GMT Monday) went to Obama and 25 percent went to Clinton, Democrats Abroad officials here said.

Not that it’s a shocker that Obama carried Indonesia, but you know…this is something lighthearted while I spend tomorrow stalking my TV and computers.