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Today is primary day!

Don’t forget to vote, California.

ELECTION ‘08: Obama won 24 out of 35 races

That’s America right there. Those light blue states that are Obama’s. He won America. He has even outshone the Republican candidates in traditionally strong Republican strongholds.

The darker blue states (save OK) are the states that traditionally vote Democrat, regardless of who’s on the ticket. Those are Clinton states.

I don’t care how much the Clinton’s campaign tries to say that they won “the important states”. I would think that Clinton supporters in those other 11 states would feel a bit hurt at that. The Clinton’s campaign has told us that black voters don’t count as much, that activists don’t represent the electorate. They’ve said that Obama supporters don’t work on weekends (?) and that caucuses are undemocratic (except, I’m assuming for NV where they won). Then they said that the only people voting for Obama are “latte-liberals”. Keep in mind, that if Clinton wins the nomination, she’s going to need these groups and states that don’t count to beat McCain, because clearly she can’t get more than he does in these states.

In the past 4 days, the Clinton campaign has lost 8 races. Even with free press from MSNBC and now CNN, she still lost 8 races. She wants to change the rules mid-game and count the delegates from MI and FL who weren’t supposed to be counted. While she is still using race-baiting tactics, her supporters are crying sexism because people saying the truth about her campaign. No, I’m NOT talking about the Schuster remark. I’m talking about those people who whine about her treatment in the media. Today. She’s gotten a Bush free pass this whole past year. The moment her campaign stumbles, it’s going to be covered. If you’re a female, when you mess up up, it’s NOT sexism to point it out. Those who say it is are fucking morons. These people expect Clinton to be treated differently because she’s a woman. I call bullshit on that. She’s withstood more criticisms and insults in the 90s and I know that some of these same people defending Clinton today were calling her a “bitch” a year ago, 6 months ago, 3 months ago. So don’t feign any type of female solidarity all of a sudden just because you have issues with a black man running for president.

“Oops. I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about you.”

ELECTION ‘08: Obama sweeps!

Today 3 states had races today.  Obama won the Washington caucus, the Nebraska caucus and the Louisiana primary.  One more race that was neglected was the Virgin Islands.  One more race that Sen. Obama won.

The Illinois senator also won caucuses in the Virgin Islands, completing his best night of the campaign. (AP)

Oh, you want to know how big he won?  Check it:



Vote % Delegates Projected Winner



90% 3 Winner



10% 0  

ELECTION ‘08: Louisiana is being called for Obama

CNN and MSNBC are calling Louisiana for Obama. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty shocked at this. I thought for sure (despite polling) that Clinton would pull out a win in this state.

The numbers so far:

President - Dem Primary
1349 of 3966 Precincts Reporting - 34%
  Name Party Votes Vote %  
  Obama, Barack Dem 60,276 54%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 42,752 38%  
  Edwards, John Dem 4,802 4%  
  Biden, Joe Dem 2,056 2%  
  Richardson, Bill Dem 1,378 1%  
  Dodd, Chris Dem 663 1%  
  Kucinich, Dennis Dem 484 0%  

UPDATE: The final numbers out of Louisiana for Obama are huge. If he wins the nomination, Democrats take Louisiana!

3966 of 3966 Precincts Reporting - 100%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
Obama, Barack Dem 220,588 57%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 136,959 36%  
  Edwards, John Dem 13,034 3%  
  Biden, Joe Dem 6,179 2%  
  Richardson, Bill Dem 4,258 1%  
  Dodd, Chris Dem 1,925 1%  
  Kucinich, Dennis Dem 1,405 0%

ELECTION ‘08: MSNBC calls Washington for Obama

Hmmm, only 48% of precincts have reported:

Obama, Barack Dem 11,107 67%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 5,234 32%  
  Uncommitted Dem 175 1%  

But everyone is calling it for Obama.

Well, that’s out of the way. Let’s get back to the important stuff, like Clinton making a huge stink over Schuster’s tasteless remark. Still.

UPDATE:  Here are the final numbers for the Washington Caucuses. I’d be interested to see how the numbers of the primary on the 19th go.

6856 of 7150 Precincts Reporting - 96%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
Obama, Barack Dem 21,629 68%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 9,992 31%  
  Uncommitted Dem 363 1%

ELECTION ‘08: I’m giving Obama Nebraska

From Omaha.com:

1223 of 1665 Precincts Reporting - 73%

  Name Party Votes Vote %
Obama, Barack Dem 17,074 69%
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 7,622 31%

TOPEKA, Kan. - Sen. Barack Obama was the winner of Saturday’s Democratic caucuses in Nebraska, NBC News reported.

The win came as Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton competed for Democratic convention delegates across three states on Saturday, locked in a marathon struggle for the party’s presidential nomination after nationwide contests this week failed to produce a clear front-runner.

From on the ground reports I’m hearing in WA (shout out to Jen, Sarah Rose, Jeremy, Samir and Yin), I think Obama has a lock on that one too.

UPDATE:  Final numbers:

1660 of 1665 Precincts Reporting - 99%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
Obama, Barack Dem 25,986 68%  
  Clinton, Hillary Dem 12,396 32%  
  Uncommitted Dem 99 0%

ELECTION ‘08: Huckabee takes Kansas

It’s practically a landslide, but not unexpected:

Mike Huckabee

11,627 60% 36

John McCain

4,587 24% 0  

Ron Paul

2,182 11% 0  

Mitt Romney

653 3% 0  


84 0%  

UPDATE: Here is what the final numbers coming out of Kansas look like. Once again, if Obama gets the nomination, Dems. get Kansas.

66 of 66 Precincts Reporting - 100%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
Huckabee, Mike GOP 11,627 60%  
  McCain, John GOP 4,587 24%  
  Paul, Ron GOP 2,182 11%  
  Romney, Mitt GOP 653 3%  
  Keyes, Alan GOP 288 1%  
  Uncommitted GOP 84 0%  
  Thompson, Fred GOP 61 0%  
  Giuliani, Rudy GOP 34 0%  

ELECTION ‘08: The Youth Vote

You’ve seen the demographic breakdown of exit polls.  It’s clear that not only has Sen. Obama attracted the youth vote, but he has them actually turning out to vote in numbers.  We’ve also seen Sen. Clinton talk about how the youth of the country are excited for this campaign.  She neglects to mention that they are less than slightly excited about her.

If Sen. Clinton get the nomination, I’d be very interested in seeing youth turnout for her.  Something tells me it won’t be that impressive.

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Voting concerns in Los Angeles

We use a funkafied ballot here in Los Angeles.  If you’re an independent voting in the Democratic primary in Los Angeles, you have to mark the circle that indicates ‘Democratic party’.  It states it clearly on the ballot, but people probably don’t read that.  This was a problem that we had years ago and it was never quite rectified.  d-day has a post about the problem and he’s taken the pains to contact the Obama campaign about this.

Carla Marinucci is wondering why this wasn’t challenged previously. This has been in place in LA County in multiple election cycles, and knowing that DTS voters would show up in record numbers, I agree that it should have been caught earlier. My point is that the Secretary of State’s office or the county registrar should have been the ones to catch it. The lawyer just said “We hope that they will adopt procedures to make sure these ballots are counted,” and if they aren’t adopted, he raised the option of legal challenges.

These ballots almost certainly won’t be counted tonight, and keep that in mind when you start seeing the results roll in.

Over at Calitics:

Update (Lucas): LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has a statement out now.

“I urge the Secretary of State and County Registrar to do everything within their power to ensure that every vote is counted, and to carefully weigh voter intent against this confusing Los Angeles County ballot design.

The California Democratic Party has sent an email out to DTS voters to alert them to bubble 6. But what’s funny is that

Ezra Klein posted on his blog:

From the inbox: This is really weird. From the Clinton campaign:

4:25 PM EST HILLARY WIRE UPDATE…* False reports about voting problems in LA are being drudged up
– Everything is going smoothly in LA.

So, I’m going to guess that the this is a bigger problem than one would assume.

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Doesn’t my vote count?

See what happens when you don’t pay attention:

RICHMOND, Va. - People are showing up at polling places across Virginia expecting to vote in presidential primaries that are still a week away.

By noon Tuesday, the State Board of Elections had received about 400 calls, and many callers wanted to know why their polling places were closed.

The Virginia primary isn’t until Feb. 12th.  Fools were showing up today!

Sorry, Virginia, you’re not part of Tsunami Tuesday…you have to stay on the beach.