2 years later

Every time I go through my garden photos I am amazed at how much it’s changed in the past 2 years.  I see plants that gave me joy and have died. Plants that I forgot I even bought! I can see what I’ve changed around and there’s a lot of that.  I also see the mistakes I made, some plantings of regret, now that things have grown fuller.

Here’s December 2006 on our final walkthrough:

Here is March 2009:

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  • Wow, what an amazing job! I enjoy the photos of your garden. I had no idea you did all of this in two years. It's beautiful Anika!
  • Fantastic FabooMama! Your Garden looks like the perfect place to spend a lazy sunday afternoon! I miss my old house where we had a garden and trees all around. I hate living in apartments with nothing but city facade as the balcony view. :/
  • With the rains, the kids digging up stuff and my laziness, it's gotten really bad. I have to dig up all the grass and weeds that have grown up in the path and hack back more of the plants. I also need to move some others that are crowding out the smaller plants.
  • Yeah, plants need love and care just as much as anyone else. But gardening is a serious task, needs constant input, and I was never patient enough for it. That's why at my last home I hired a gardener to take care of things; weed, aerate, water, trim.
  • Damn Anika, you have done an awesome job with that garden! I remember when I was in LA, I loved it. It felt so serene.
  • Thank you! I Yesterday, I just sat on the chaise and listened and watched the birds. They love my garden too.
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