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Oh happy days!

9iu11iani (h/t to ejmw for that one) is out! I love it. It’s said he’s going to endorse McCain. What a shame. The first primary/caucus where he didn’t come in 4th, 5th, or 6th.

I want to say that I’m proud of people for not voting for 9/11 Giuliani. And this is hilarious:

“We’ll stay involved and together we’ll make sure that we’ll do everything we can to hand our nation off to the next generation better than it was before,” he said.

Yeah…so endorse the so-called “maverick” who doesn’t have an original idea and only wants more wars like you. I’m sure the next generation would adore fighting in illegal wars that started before they were born.

I wonder if this means Ron Paul will be uninvited to the GOP debates tomorrow.

Shorter Rudy: Old white guys only

From First Read:

Asked at a house party whether his cabinet would be made up an “old boys network” Giuliani said it was presumptuous to discuss who would be in his administration, and referenced a book on how Abraham Lincoln selected his political rivals for his cabinet.

“The cabinet would look like last night’s debate,” he said, before adding, “with one exception.”

Wouldn’t it have just been easier for him to say ‘yes’ instead of playing coy?

To read the post at First Read, they seem to think that the “with one exception” line is more important than the fact that Giuliani just said that women and minorities have no place in his cabinet.

NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY: NH GOP pulls debate support

Whoa! I did not expect this to happen. CNN is reporting that the NH Republican party is pulling it’s support from Sunday’s GOP debates because Fox ejected Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter from the lineup.

I’m a bit unclear how Paul was denied a spot. Fox News says:
The network said it had limited space in its studio — a souped-up bus — and that it invited candidates who had received double-digit support in recent polls.

But it seems in checking out TPMs roundup of polls that Paul is polling in 3rd place as of today, at least with Rasmussen.

Here’s some tables:

Suffolk University Tracking Poll
Daily Difference
January 5 January 4 Percent Change
Mitt Romney 30 percent 29 percent +1
John McCain 26 percent 25 percent +1
Mike Huckabee 11 percent 13 percent - 2
Rudy Giuliani 11 percent 9 percent +2

Also from the Suffolk site:
In the Republican Primary, Romney (29 percent) led McCain (25 percent), while Iowa Caucus Republican winner Mike Huckabee (13 percent) continued to gain ground. Candidates remaining static were Rudy Giuliani (9 percent), Ron Paul (8 percent), Fred Thompson (2 percent) and Duncan Hunter (1 percent). Twelve percent were undecided.


Republicans – NH Tracking




























John McCain


Mitt Romney


Ron Paul


Mike Huckabee


Rudy Giuliani


Fred Thompson


Some other candidate


In other words, it seems that Paul is doing better on the Republican side than Thompson and Giuliani in one case, yet both of those guys were invited to the souped-up bus

What is interesting are the comment sections on news sites. The Republicans are pissed, even if they aren’t Paul supporters. They see what is happening and are upset that the media is, once again, choosing who is electable and who isn’t.

IOWA CAUCUS: Huckabee wins Iowa

At least CNN and MSNBC are both calling Iowa for the Huckster. This should be interesting and I’m not at all surprised that people in Iowa fell for his schtick. And yes, even though I despise Huckabee and think of him as nothing more than a one-trick pony, I see the Corporate Republicans are scared of his message and that tickles me to no end. I can’t wait to see how the money flows as these primaries go on.


I’m not shocked that Giuliani’s numbers are so ridiculously low. My hope is that this means the media will stop trying to force President Drag Queen on us.


Now, I wonder if this means Romney is going to dump more money into New Hampshire. After all, the papers there and in nearby states have either “anti-endorsed” him or endorsed someone else. I’d also be interesting in seeing how Romney does in the Wyoming Caucus on Saturday (It’s GOP only).

Why Mike Huckabee Should Never Be President

Same reason Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton should never be president. We have a separation of church and state in our Constitution. We do not have a religious requirement for a person to become president. We should never entertain the thought of a religious leader, no matter the religion, to become president. This means that several of my family members and friends should never be allowed to be president.

I’m okay with that.

I just want those people who feel that Huckabee is a good idea for a president because he’s a minister to think about their hypocritical feelings if Huckabee was a rabbi or an imam. Think of all those idiot Republicans and GOP media types who make a big deal of Senator Obama attending a Muslim school as a child, in a Muslim country and the lies and idiocies they spread about the Christian Senator wanting to turn this secular country Muslim. Not just your average run-of-the-mill Muslim, but a psychotic-beheading-jailing-the-rape-victim sort (I had to throw in the beheading so you won’t think I was talking about, Bill O’Reilly). Then think about how you feel when I say: Huckabee as president is dangerous because he is a Baptist minister and would turn this country into something out of A Handmaid’s Tale. Or worse.

GOP Debate tonight

Those stone-aged, zany, torture loving Taliban GOP candidates have decided to come out of hiding and actually do the CNN/YouTube debate. You’ll remember that after the Democrats did their CNN/YouTube debate, the Taliban GOP candidates all quickly decided that having regular people ask them questions was more than they should have to deal with and all of a sudden “scheduling conflicts” arose.

If you read CNNs website, you’d be under the impression that Serious People have been doing Serious Research in filtering what questions will be shown. If you watched the Democratic debate, you’ll see that the Serious People were more interested in showing clips from people who seem to get their news from Faux, repeating old lies and distortions. Which makes this statement all the more interesting:

“This debate is to let Republican voters pick from among their eight candidates,” said David Bohrman, Washington bureau chief and senior vice president for CNN. “We are trying to focus mostly on questions where there are differences among these candidates.”

I seem to recall more than a few Republicans asking questions of the Democrats (click here for a link to all shown questions) and even looking at the submittals, I wonder how they determine how the people are registered. Very few of them claim a side, they generally go straight to their question. One can only assume from this that one of the negotiating points for the GOP candidates to actually show up, is if they get only Taliban GOP-friendly questions.

This should make for an interesting evening regardless. I know that each Taliban GOP candidate is nutso in his own special way, some of them crazy in 5 different ways, but each debate allows you to learn just how bass-ackward these dudes are. Hey, maybe tonight we’ll learn that none of those white males on stage think that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, or people of color should be given an education.

Ron Paul (R-CrazyTown)

Yes, I’ve ignored Paul’s huge online haul. I’m not dazzled that he’s managed to swindle Americans (probably the same sort that voted for Bush with gusto) into giving him money.

I am impressed by the American public’s general willingness to be swindled. Many people like Paul because he’s against the war. That’s nice. Many people, like me, were against the war before it started. Many people realized in 2003 that the war was a bad idea and the Bush Adminstration had no idea what it was doing. Paul has been a staunch detractor of the war. I’ve seen some great speeches by him on the floor of Congress stating how bad the war is and how terrible it’s been managed. That does not make me want to give up my rights as a woman, as a black person to someone who happens to agree with me on one thing.

Granted, I am a proud liberal and I could never vote for anyone with an R or I behind their name just because they agree with me on one thing. Hell, I haven’t ever voted for fucking Dianne Feinstein (D[ha!]-CA) because she votes with the GOP on most of the issues that are important to me.

Ron Paul’s supporters are quick to defend him with, “He won’t take away your rights. He’s for state’s rights!”. Yeah, Le Shrub ran saying he was for state’s rights too. Remember? That was his answer on just about everything that the couldn’t or wouldn’t give a solid answer to. “[Whatever] is a complicated issue. I’m for state’s rights.” He was for state’s rights as long as they fell in behind his administrations poorly planned and pro-corporatists interests. Paul strikes me as one for state’s rights as long as it’s not affecting him personally. Oops, guess that’s all libertarians.

Oh well. At least he’s not a tyrant-in-training like Guiliani.

Election ‘08

Running down a list of candidates in my mind and completely forgot that Biden and McCain were actually running. Like, I remember Huckabee over McCain. I guess it’s because Drop Dead Fred took over as Grampa of the GOP field. He positively makes McCain look like a spring-chicken. But not a gay spring chicken. He has sweaters for that.

UPDATED: Okay, in looking for a link for McCain’s gay sweaters, I went Think Progress. The 3rd comment down, just killed me:

McCain would need to wear about eight sweaters at the same time to look younger.

Comment by Badmoodman — July 11, 2007 @ 11:35 am