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Feb 08

What Obama has done for black people

h/t to Jack and Jill Politics for this…Since I can’t count a damn thing the Clinton’s have done for black people, and know that Obama has fought for black people, this list from Think On These Things (11.27.07) is even more relevant to me.  There are things on there that even I hadn’t known.  It’s a long list, because, you know…Obama has done stuff, so you have to read it in full.

Jan 08

CNN Political Ticker: Awaiting moderation

I guess I’m officially banned from commenting on CNNs Political Ticker blog.  Not one of my 27 comments from the last week have been posted.  They’re all awaiting moderation.  I have no idea why.  I don’t cuss, don’t insult other posters and I’m not disruptive.  I’ll CNN out on their lameass reporting, but it’s always on topic.

Want an example?  Let’s take their recent post McCain: Chuck Norris might have to deal with my mom.  It’s another bit of fluffery from Political Tracker where they report that Norris said that McCain was too old to be president.  If you click the link you’ll see posts that range all over the place, from who started Viet Nam to Bill Clinton’s budget surplus.

My first comment was the 5th one posted and it says:



January 21, 2008 11:38 pm ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.Great…we have the bizarro campaign where Team Clinton is going for a 3rd term and McCain wants to send in his mommy. I won’t even touch the ageist comments Team Chuckabee. Can the adults finish out the campaign now, children?

I noticed that more comments were approved after that comment. 7 more comments were approved after that.  So I posted again:


January 22, 2008 12:42 am ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.Why are my comments always “awaiting moderation”? 6 Comments were approved after mine. If this one doesn’t get posted, that will make it was 55 comments CNN never approved? I wonder if I used some blatant lies, racism or campaign talking points if my posts would get approved faster.

Well, it’s still “awaiting moderation” and 9 more comments (as of now) have been posted.  So what gives?  I don’t think I said anything horrible.  Maybe CNN just hates me.

Nov 07

dnA at Jack and Jill Politics hits WAPO

Click here for some learnin’.

I read this article this morning and was livid. I’ve been trying to write a coherent post on it all day long. No need for me say anything else…dnA lays it all out, showing how incredibly lazy and incompetent print journalism has become:

The article notes that Insight accused Obama of hiding his ‘Muslim ties,’ but doesn’t note that Obama wrote about living in Indonesia in his autobiography as well as writing that his father, while born a Muslim, was an atheist by the time Barack was born.

You know where I put something that I don’t want anyone to find out about me? In my bestselling autobiography.

Yep. What dnA said.

Nov 07

Speaking of NaBloPoMo…

Did you know that prizes were involved? I guess if you post everyday this month, then you get tossed in for a prize. I’m wondering if I should toss in some jewelry or something as a prize. With my luck, I’d probably win my own prize and break it wrapping it for myself. LOL! Check out the link. There’s a lot of girly bathroomy stuff on there, but there’s also a few other items on the list.

Aug 07

YEARLYKOS2007: Too much stuff

I suck. My plan was to leave McCormick place after the MotherTalkers caucus (which I didn’t even get a chance to attend) and go do some sightseeing. Instead, I stayed there and got sucked into an interesting conversation at the bar with a local. Then I got talked into going to the keynote which I didn’t want to attend. The good part is that I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t known had made it to town. Found out Durbin was stuck in DC, so that sucked. Everyone else, I had no interest to listen to (again), so I talked to the bartender and a guy from NY. Me and the guy from NYC, both agree that Chicago is expensive.

I heard that Clinton wasn’t going to do her breakout session. No shocker there. I was talking to another blogger last week and said that Clinton wouldn’t do the breakout. I heard people booed her. Lame. What’s lamer was the number of people who are all faux outraged and they didn’t even have tix to go see her. Stupid.

Anyway, I had plans to do 5 things that all started at the same time, so I stalled. I simply went into delay mode. The good thing is that I got to have a nice talk with Brandon from Detroit and I’m definitely adding him to my blogroll.

Left there with Carl (a Kossack and activist) to come back to my hotel, and wound up meeting bubbles who was dropping off Stumpy and she gave us a ride back to the hotel! That was cool.

But I’m wiped out and I’m going to see the sights today. I’ll probably drop into YK later, but right now, I’m on a search for food and some good photography. Oh and a card reader or USB to get the pics off my camera.

Aug 07

YEARLYKOS 2007: African American caucus

I got into the room a little late. Everyone was introducing themselves. Lots of famous activists and bloggers in the room. Discussion was about black leadership in DC and locally. Where is it? Has it failed? Many in the room believed that with technology and such, we are the new black leaders. Many people in the room decried the CBCs lack of knowledge of blogs and what they could accomplish by engaging people via their computers. Pretty interesting stuff there.

I’m kind of tired and couldn’t blog this while it was going on, so I’m blanking on people’s names. I’ll get a list once I get my stinkin’ pics up.

Aug 07

YEARLYKOS 2007: CA & HI caucus

I’m here and it’s been interesting. Everyone is from CA. There were people who have visited HI, but no actual Hawaiians. Matt Ortega, Juls Rosen and David Dayen are the moderators. There’s probably about 100 people here and we all introduced ourselves. Everyone here is famous. Okay, not everyone, but at least half the people are well known and the other half are incredibly active in local politics or activist. George Lakoff was here.

Panelists spoken on inroads bloggers have made in the California Democratic Party.

Now, the candidates are introducting themselves. We get in order of appearance:
Charlie Brown
Steve Young (CA-48)
Russ Warner ( CA-26)
Ron Shepston (CA-42)

Aug 07

YEARLYKOS 2007: Arrival in Chicago

I’m in Chicago. I’d give a rundown of all its nicknames, but I’m so tired that I’d probably include something about angels, lights and brotherly love. This place is a City. So far it reminds me a cross between SF and downtown LA. There’s all these people walking around Looking Very Busy, public transport and useful shops (SF). Then there’s all the brand-spanking new “lofts” that all look the same (red brick, black windows…I’m sensing a new movie), cashiers with severe attitude and tourists looking lost (LA).

SuperShuttle picked me up at 3:30am, plane left at 6:30am and I arrived at 12:30pm (Chicago time). Not bad, but I woke up around 2:15am. I’m a little wiped.

I took the train in from Midway. No one told me that that was a 5 mile walk. Uphill. In the snow. Both ways. But it was only $2. The cabs would have been 15 times that much. It was a little confusing and usually I have no problem with public transportation in other cities.

I have a lakeview room here at the Hilton. Lollapalooza is right across the street. I can hear the soundchecks. My room is pretty big and there’s a bar with a fridge. I do have the smallest closet I’ve ever had in hotel. I keep looking around expecting to find the big closet. It’s not there. Even in craptastic motels in TJ, my closets were twice the size. This is also the smalled hotel bathroom I’ve even seen.

My view is awesome though. All the way to the horizon is water. This a hugeass lake. I’ve never seen a lake before where I couldn’t see the other side. Awesome. I can see the lakes in the marina, (I think) Soldier Field, Grant Park has my own personal fountains, I can see Millenium Park and the Art Institute. There are also a lot of skyscrapers that I’m sure are Very Famous.

Probably wondering where the pictures are. Well, I have my Olympus that needs a card reader. I left mine at home, but went to radio shack to get a miniSD reader. That’s great, but my card is really an XD chip. My bad. But now I’m thinking I could probably use the USB cable to get the pics off the card. You’ll see them soon.