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Happy Birthday, Ilia

Internet Confession Time: Birthdays

4 of my 5 uncles were born in March. I know the dates, but I not kept track of which uncle belongs to which date. So…I wait until the 27th, when is the last day I know for sure there’s a birthday, and call all of them.

Happy Birthday, Ilia!

Happy Birthday little girl. Mommy and Daddy can’t believe you’re 5 already. You’re such a little lady, so polite and funny, stubborn and friendly.

We love you.

Know what I just realized?

I only got two (unprompted) birthday wishes today. Two. I’ve always made it a point to call or email my friends (and quite a few people I don’t even like) on (or around) their birthdays to wish them a happy birthday and they’ve never reciprocated. Not even one of my best friend’s whose birthday is in 3 days has called me. :( Okay, she’s never called me on my birthday, so I don’t exactly expect her to call me now.

I must seriously suck as a human or the people I know must be amazingly self-absorbed.

I think it’s the latter. LOL!

Happy Birthday Mr. Alton!

From a 7lb. preemie:

To a 30lb. giraffe:
Giraffe on the loose at the zoo!

You’ve amazed us by the changes you’ve gone through. You let people touch you and you’re finally eating sushi! You make us giggle with the way you talk, and I know that Ya-Ya Mama* adores you to pieces. Hope you have a very happy birthday. Next time we talk, it will be about potty training.

*Ya-Ya Mama is what he calls Ilia.

Happy Almost Birthday to Us!

The Final Countdown

In less than 14 hours I’ll be 35 and Alton will be 2. How exciting is that?

I love my countdown ticker!

I see that thing and I’m like, “WHOO-HOO! My berfday’s in almost 10 days! WHOO-HOO! Alton’s gonna be 2!”