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Feb 08

Media fairness?

Gag me.  I just read a post from Wolf Blitzer who seems suddenly overly concerned about media fairness in regards to candidate time.

With Ralph Nader now in the presidential race, there’s a serious question those of us in the news media have to ask: How much air time do we give him?

Are you serious Wolf?  How much time?  How about none?  None would have been good.  My response I posted, but probably won’t get out of “awaiting moderation”:

How about giving him as much air time as you give Rep. Ron Paul or Mike Gravel? Or as much time as you gave Rep. Kucinich, Rep. Hunter and Sen. Dodd or Sen. Biden? Already, the media has decided to collectively ignore Gov. Huckabee, yet for whatever reason, you’ll still paying attention to Sen. Clinton, who’s won only 3 more states than Huckabee did.

Why are you pretending to care about fairness?

This is a station that decided to eleminate half the Democratic candidates that were still running from debates after the middle of January.  We’re supposed to think they care about fairness?  Remember that they let Giuliani stay on the debates, while they tried to kick Ron Paul off?  Despite the fact that Paul had raised more money and got more votes than Giuliani did.

And now we have a guy who’s running for president for the 5th time.  In 2004, he got a little over 436K votes out of 122M votes casts, in 2000 he got 1.3M votes.  This is a viable candidate?  I can guarantee that if I decided to run for president today, I won’t have 15 minutes with Tim Russert to announce.  I can also guarantee that if I decided to run for president today I could probably get more than 436K votes.

I get that CNN gives into nutter egomaniacs, I do.  After all this is a station that not only has egomaniacs, but they’re racists too (and note, I’m not even going to mention the gambling drunks they have). But don’t insult my intelligence and pretend that you care about fairness in the media.  That’s a stinkin’ load.

Feb 08

CNN needs a geography lesson

Today, Republicans voted in Kansas and Democrats are voting in Nebraska.

In CNNs world, Republican are voting in Nebraska and Democrats are voting in South Dakota.  I don’t even know how you can mess up something so incredibly basic like that.
Rarely is the question asked: is our media learning?

Feb 08


Polls just closed in a gajillion states. CNN is projecting winners.

McCain for Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut

Romney: Massachussetts

Obama: Illinois

Clinton: Oklahoma, New Jersey

Jan 08

ELECTION ’08: What I learned at the Democratic debates

  • Wolf Blitzer is the biggest idiot ever.
  • Clinton refused to answer questions on Iraq, her vote and her willingness to disengage from the illegal war.
  • Obama hit hard, but nicely on every topic; healthcare, immigration, character, Iraq…
  • Obama was pretty funny tonight, especially in hitting the GOP.
  • Both of them did well in emphasizing Democratic unity and slamming the GOP.
  • Clinton kept bringing up the 90s and all she did while in the WH.
  • Obama promised more transparency in gov’t.

Jan 08

ELECTION ’08: Democratic Debates

Very nice so far.  Obama has finally gotten his debate groove going on…on the last debate.  Clinton doesn’t know if she’s running for herself or her 3rd term.  If she wants to run on her record, then fine, but don’t bring up the WH years and  expect us to be on board for a 3rd term.


Wolf Blitzer is a fucking moron.  He’s done nothing this entire debate but try to start a fight between the two candidates.  Idiot.

Jan 08

ELECTION ’08: What the GOP debate taught me

  • Romney and McCain really don’t like each other.
  • McCain is a petty, bitter old man and can’t possibly answer a question without taking a cheap jab at Romney.
  • Huckabee is a crybaby.  He couldn’t answer a questions without whining about not being asked questions.
  • Romney still looks like a 70s sportscaster.  That fugly tie he wore tonight didn’t help.
  • Ron Paul can’t possibly talk like a human.  He’s a Yeller.
  • The Reagan Library is a hideous piece of work.  Not that LA is known for it’s wonderful architecture, but places like that is why.
  • Zombie Reagan got fucked again by the 4 remaining candidates.
  • McCain seems not to understand that Reagan is dead, as he spoke of Reagan in the present tense.  A lot.
  • CNN (where my comments to Political Ticker have been completely discarded) does not have hosts who know how to do debates.
  • Bill Schneider’s (of Political Ticker) liveblog of the debates was an exercise in media bias.  It was clear that he doesn’t like McCain or Romney and entered posts saying that he didn’t understand their answers.  Maybe Schneider’s an idiot.  Oh wait.  Schneider’s a Huckabee fan.  Which clearly makes him a idiot.
  • John McCain can’t ever be president, his voice puts me to sleep. He sounds like he’s babbling about something you don’t care about, so you tune out.  I think that’s why people vote for him.  They just hear what they want to hear, but not everything he actually said.

Jan 08

CNN Political Ticker: Awaiting moderation

I guess I’m officially banned from commenting on CNNs Political Ticker blog.  Not one of my 27 comments from the last week have been posted.  They’re all awaiting moderation.  I have no idea why.  I don’t cuss, don’t insult other posters and I’m not disruptive.  I’ll CNN out on their lameass reporting, but it’s always on topic.

Want an example?  Let’s take their recent post McCain: Chuck Norris might have to deal with my mom.  It’s another bit of fluffery from Political Tracker where they report that Norris said that McCain was too old to be president.  If you click the link you’ll see posts that range all over the place, from who started Viet Nam to Bill Clinton’s budget surplus.

My first comment was the 5th one posted and it says:



January 21, 2008 11:38 pm ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.Great…we have the bizarro campaign where Team Clinton is going for a 3rd term and McCain wants to send in his mommy. I won’t even touch the ageist comments Team Chuckabee. Can the adults finish out the campaign now, children?

I noticed that more comments were approved after that comment. 7 more comments were approved after that.  So I posted again:


January 22, 2008 12:42 am ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.Why are my comments always “awaiting moderation”? 6 Comments were approved after mine. If this one doesn’t get posted, that will make it was 55 comments CNN never approved? I wonder if I used some blatant lies, racism or campaign talking points if my posts would get approved faster.

Well, it’s still “awaiting moderation” and 9 more comments (as of now) have been posted.  So what gives?  I don’t think I said anything horrible.  Maybe CNN just hates me.

Jan 08

SOUTH CAROLINA DEBATES: Is it hot in here…


Double Damn.

Obama brought it. Clinton…well she looked petty. Edwards finally got himself in there.

This is going to be shortish and I’ll do another post tomorrow. I don’t know if I like this template because I can’t do a “blockquote” here and ya’ll know I quote up a storm.


You’ll notice democracy in action again, with Kucinich excluded from the debate. Such a shame as he bring topics to the table that Clinton almost falls over herself to usurp, even though we know she won’t do a damn thing about them. As usual.

Here’s a nutshell: Clinton did another oppo dump, Obama went upside her head, Edwards was like, “Mommy and Daddy don’t fight!”

Okay, that was biased and assholish.

It was still true. The spin coming from everywhere is posting the most quotable Obama line directed at Clinton, reminding her that he was a community organizer while she “was a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart.”

The crowd cheered. Loudly.

And that was in the first 10 minutes.

From my POV, Clinton was clearly staggered for that and she came back with:

Moments later, Clinton said that she was fighting against misguided Republican policies “when you were practicing law and representing your contributor … in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago.”(AP)

Oh. Zing.

One. The consensus from all my post debate phone calls, blogging and IMs and that that made her looks petty. Secondly, it’s another Clinton obscuration. When I explained to people the “slumlord” thing and how she (weakly) managed to tie that to Obama, everyone started bringing up all those old Clinton scandals. Neither hold water, so you’d think Clinton would know better not to go there.

From that point on, Clinton just looked pissed. It was clear that she was trying not to, but it didn’t help. She yelled, she roared, she snapped. It was embarrassing. Again. People were asking, “Is she going to cry again?” That’s not cool. That’s not the response you want to induce in people. She trotted out her “reality check” line. She made a lot of statements that directly contradicted everything she had said in previous debates. Hell, most of her new stances aren’t even up on her website. Yet. Still, the Clinton’s do have a bad habit of saying one thing and doing something opposite of that. While she’s busy parsing Sen. Obama and Sen. Edwards votes as bad choices, she neglects to mention that 99% of the time she often voted the same way they did.

Edwards explained more of his policies, a little better, but you have to wonder where the money will come from. Naturally, he hit on the lobbyist thing again. He said that he’ll never have a lobbyist working for him. That sounds a bit unrealistic. Isn’t DC littered with lobbyists? Aren’t they like actors out here in LA? The one thing that turned me off of Edwards tonight was his, “I can go anywhere in this country and campaign. They can’t do that. I can go into the rural south.” Ugh. Shorter Edwards: Vote for me because as a white guy, I can go wherever I want to.

Really? Okay.

Obama did much better tonight than he usually does. He still gets side tracked after applause. And he. Still talks. Slow. Spit it out already! He handled the insanely insulting and stupid “Is Bill Clinton the first black president” question pretty well. I would have called that fool out his name and had some choice words for Clinton too. After all those racists attacks from the Clinton’s campaign, some black guy actually asked that question.

So that was my version of the debate. I’ll post some video and transcripts later.

Jan 08

CNN Political Ticker…still awaiting moderation

On Political Ticker there is a post regarding last night’s debates. I posted a comment an hour after it was posted and it never showed up. This morning I logged on to see two other comments posted 4 hours after mine, but mine is still “awaiting moderation”.

The post is about Clinton’s large oppo research dump in last night’s debates. The performance that was laughable at best.
1. Clinton didn’t say anything that wasn’t alredy common knowledged
2. Clinton portrayed Obama’s votes as dishonest, but didn’t mention that she voted the same exact way.
3. She managed not to mention that some of those votes were guranteed because of backroom deals by Harry Reid.

Naturally, CNN didn’t report any of this either. That would mean doing research and why should they bother when they just want to tell us what we saw on TV?

My comment then:

fabooj, Los Angeles, CA January 6, 2008 1:13 am ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Those lines from Clinton could be harmful for an ignorant sort who takes what they read/hear in the media at face value.

What Clinton managed not to say was that she voted the same exact way Obama did and that neither of them really had any wiggle room as Reid had bound their hands with his wrongheaded negotiations on votes.

But shouldn’t really expect CNN to tell us facts or do any research. Nope, it’s all she said/he said. Fair and balanced with no substance.


Wonder why that comment is still “awaiting moderation”?

UPDATE (12:10pm): About an hour after I posted this, someone from CNN Political Ticket checked this post. And my comment is still “awaiting moderation”.

UPDATE (5:11pm): Well, after approving 98 comments that were posted both before and after mine, my comment above has been posted.

Jan 08

Oh yeah…this person is a moron

Wait…maybe CNN is moronic for still posting this like it was news, but you know how morons are…

Zanata Moore-El asked Obama if he was an atheist.


“I hated having to ask him that,” Moore-El told a reporter. “But I heard he was like an atheist. I don’t want a president who’s an atheist. I’m a firm believer in God. I just really wanted to make sure because I really wanted to vote for him and he has some good topics and everything.”

What kind of cretin votes for someone because of religious beliefs or even lack thereof? I couldn’t even imagine voting for someone because of their religious of beliefs or lack of one, let alone not voting for them because of their religious beliefs or lack of one. I mean, I think more than a few of the mainstream religious denominations or little more than cults, but I’ve still voted for people who prided themselves in their cultfaith because they were qualified for the job. I don’t care if they pray to a Cabbage Patch Doll every day at 5:32pm if they can do the job.

*I changed the title. I started feeling an tiny bit bad because Moore-el probably can’t help being a moron, but I can’t have him/her ego-surfing and finding that title. That’s not cool and it’s just my stupid opinion anyway.