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ELECTION ‘08: Washington goes to McCain

6235 of 7150 Precincts Reporting - 87%

Name Party Votes Vote %
McCain, John GOP 3,468 26%
Huckabee, Mike GOP 3,226 24%
Paul, Ron GOP 2,799 21%
Romney, Mitt GOP 2,253 17%
Uncommitted GOP 1,729 13%

So much for a Huckabee sweep.  It would have been worth it watch that old penis head squirm.

ELECTION ‘08: Huckabee gets Louisiana

CNN and MSNBC are projecting Huckabee the winner of the Louisiana primary. That gives Huckabee 2 out of 3 races. So far the totals are:

3880 of 3966 Precincts Reporting - 98%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
  Huckabee, Mike GOP 67,554 44%  
  McCain, John GOP 64,732 42%  
  Romney, Mitt GOP 9,773 6%  
  Paul, Ron GOP 8,193 5%  
  Thompson, Fred GOP 1,529 1%  
  Giuliani, Rudy GOP 1,516 1%  
  Keyes, Alan GOP 787 1%  
  Curry, Jerry GOP 508 0%  
  Hunter, Duncan GOP 354 0%  
  Gilbert, Daniel GOP 179 0%  
  Tancredo, Tom GOP 104 0%  

I thought it would be super weird of both the winners of the Iowa caucuses ended today with a sweep. Huckabee was leading in the Washington caucuses for a while, but now it seems McCain is ahead.

5598 of 7150 Precincts Reporting - 78%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
  McCain, John GOP 3,017 26%  
  Huckabee, Mike GOP 2,822 24%  
  Paul, Ron GOP 2,509 21%  
  Romney, Mitt GOP 1,905 16%  
  Uncommitted GOP 1,489 13%  

UPDATE:  The final numbers out of Louisiana:

3966 of 3966 Precincts Reporting - 100%

  Name Party Votes Vote %  
Huckabee, Mike GOP 69,665 43%  
  McCain, John GOP 67,609 42%  
  Romney, Mitt GOP 10,232 6%  
  Paul, Ron GOP 8,595 5%  
  Thompson, Fred GOP 1,604 1%  
  Giuliani, Rudy GOP 1,593 1%  
  Keyes, Alan GOP 841 1%  
  Curry, Jerry GOP 521 0%  
  Hunter, Duncan GOP 368 0%  
  Gilbert, Daniel GOP 183 0%  
  Tancredo, Tom GOP 108 0%  

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Mike Huckbee’s numbers


Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Huckabee 185,939 41% 0
McCain 170,530 38% 0
Romney 78,262 17% 0
Paul 12,032 3% 0
Giuliani 1,870 0% 0
Uncommitted 991 0%  


Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Huckabee 53,090 61% 0
McCain 17,591 20% 0
Romney 11,186 13% 0
Paul 4,194 5% 0
Uncommitted 353 0%  
Giuliani 284 0% 0


Huckabee 284,806 35% 0
McCain 258,854 32% 0
Romney 243,200 30% 0
Paul 23,565 3% 0
Giuliani 5,763 1% 0

West Virginia

Huckabee 567 52% 18
Romney 521 47% 0
McCain 12 1% 0
Giuliani 0 0% 0
Paul 0 0% 0

TSUNAMI TUESDAY: Huckabee takes West Virginia

Gasp.  Choke.  Huh?

NEW YORK (CNN) - Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won the West Virginia State Party Convention, the first Republican presidential nominating contest of “Super Tuesday.”

Huckabee was victorious on the second ballot.

So, there’s shock and there’s this thread that killed me:

NO freakin’ way!

Viva Presidente Ezequiel - Aquí no hay quien viva!

by anarchronarchist (mincers(at)hotmizzle.com) on Tue Feb 5th, 2008 at 02:50:49 PM EST
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Yup.  It’s a caucus state…apparently St. McCain’s supporters, upon seeing that they were not enough, threw their support to Huckajesus in order to stop Mittens from winning. Too funny.

Tengo un sueño.

by ejmw (ewitham (at) umich (dot) edu) on Tue Feb 5th, 2008 at 02:51:48 PM EST
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caucuses are so interesting… Hardball politikin’ that ensures that many, many people vote for someone they nvr intended to.

Viva Presidente Ezequiel - Aquí no hay quien viva!

by anarchronarchist (mincers(at)hotmizzle.com) on Tue Feb 5th, 2008 at 03:15:03 PM EST
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 Governor Romney released a statement:

“Unfortunately, this is what Sen. McCain’s inside Washington ways look like: he cut a backroom deal with the tax-and-spend candidate he thought could best stop Governor Romney’s campaign of conservative change.

Kisses to The Tempest

I was over there visiting last week and saw the funniest thing ever:

Thanks guys for letting me snag this!

IOWA CAUCUS: Huckabee wins Iowa

At least CNN and MSNBC are both calling Iowa for the Huckster. This should be interesting and I’m not at all surprised that people in Iowa fell for his schtick. And yes, even though I despise Huckabee and think of him as nothing more than a one-trick pony, I see the Corporate Republicans are scared of his message and that tickles me to no end. I can’t wait to see how the money flows as these primaries go on.


I’m not shocked that Giuliani’s numbers are so ridiculously low. My hope is that this means the media will stop trying to force President Drag Queen on us.


Now, I wonder if this means Romney is going to dump more money into New Hampshire. After all, the papers there and in nearby states have either “anti-endorsed” him or endorsed someone else. I’d also be interesting in seeing how Romney does in the Wyoming Caucus on Saturday (It’s GOP only).

Why Mike Huckabee Should Never Be President

Same reason Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton should never be president. We have a separation of church and state in our Constitution. We do not have a religious requirement for a person to become president. We should never entertain the thought of a religious leader, no matter the religion, to become president. This means that several of my family members and friends should never be allowed to be president.

I’m okay with that.

I just want those people who feel that Huckabee is a good idea for a president because he’s a minister to think about their hypocritical feelings if Huckabee was a rabbi or an imam. Think of all those idiot Republicans and GOP media types who make a big deal of Senator Obama attending a Muslim school as a child, in a Muslim country and the lies and idiocies they spread about the Christian Senator wanting to turn this secular country Muslim. Not just your average run-of-the-mill Muslim, but a psychotic-beheading-jailing-the-rape-victim sort (I had to throw in the beheading so you won’t think I was talking about, Bill O’Reilly). Then think about how you feel when I say: Huckabee as president is dangerous because he is a Baptist minister and would turn this country into something out of A Handmaid’s Tale. Or worse.

Election ‘08

Running down a list of candidates in my mind and completely forgot that Biden and McCain were actually running. Like, I remember Huckabee over McCain. I guess it’s because Drop Dead Fred took over as Grampa of the GOP field. He positively makes McCain look like a spring-chicken. But not a gay spring chicken. He has sweaters for that.

UPDATED: Okay, in looking for a link for McCain’s gay sweaters, I went Think Progress. The 3rd comment down, just killed me:

McCain would need to wear about eight sweaters at the same time to look younger.

Comment by Badmoodman — July 11, 2007 @ 11:35 am