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NEVADA CAUCUS: MSNBC calls it for Team Clinton

There’s a lot of head scratching going on in the blogosphere over these calls. I guess because they have 59% reporting they’re going for it:

Democrats | Polls | County Results
Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Clinton 3,003 50% 0
Obama 2,679 45% 0
Edwards 272 5% 0
Uncommitted 13 0%  
Kucinich 3 0% 0
Richardson 0 0% 0
59% of precincts reporting

But it looks like the Clintons are going to be handed NV, based on one county. Team Clinton actually lost in all the other counties in NV, it seems. Seems that Edwards supporters broke for Obama after the first round. I’m not shocked at that. I am a bit surprised over Edwards small showing. Is he sure he wants to keep this going until July? Can he?

As for as South Carolina is concerned, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Edwards largely white support move over to Clinton, simply based on race. Especially since the media has been pounding the last few days how Obama has sewn up the “black vote”.

NEVADA CAUCUS: Close race with the Dems

Early today, the Obama campaign said it was going to be a close race. They weren’t lying:


Democrats | Polls | County Results
Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Obama 39 48% 0
Clinton 38 46% 0
Edwards 4 5% 0
Kucinich 1 1% 0
Richardson 0 0% 0
Uncommitted 0 0%  
3% of precincts reporting

John Edwards in LA

Rally with John Edwards in Los Angeles (RSVP)
Jan 17, 2008
12:30 p.m. PT
SEIU Local 721
Office of Southern CA Public Service Workers
1015 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90017

NH DEBATES: Clinton’s Oppo Dump

Hijole! Justhow many people does the Clinton campaign have working the web? Moments after the debate ended last night, posts on media outlets from pro-Clinton supporters looked like so much spam. They all said the same misleading and selective thing on Obama’s record (Edwards’ record too) and since the formatting was also the same in like 90% of the posts, it’s safe to assume these were talking points. I haven’t checked my campaign email account yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see these talking points in there. They’re already up on Clinton’s website, with the same formatting. Hell, most of the people posting it, actually are linking to Clinton’s website, so there’s no hiding there.

IOWA CAUCUS: Obama wins Iowa

Whoa…Sen. Obama is the projected winner of Iowa according to MSNBC. I’m stunned. I didn’t expect Sen. Clinton to win, I thought that Edwards would carry Iowa no problem, especially after seeing Huckabee’s numbers. I mean, they both have the same message and seem to have the same or similar beliefs. There’s no difference between the two, in my opinion, besides the fact that ones a lawyer and one’s a minister.


So far, Clinton and Edwards are vying for second place.


There are reports that Biden, Dodd and Richardson supporters are joining Kucinich supporters in going to Obama as their 2nd choice. The news channels are reporting that, though from watching C-SPAN and reading other blogs, that doesn’t necessarily bare out. It seems that those supporters are either going to Edwards or splitting between Edwards or Obama.

Hostage situation at Clinton N.H. headquarters ends

You know how the media is when these things happen. There’s a lot of repeat info and nothing new, then a lot of rumors are spread hysterically, then downplayed like some crazed person said it. So I waited to blog on this until facts settled down.

According to MSNBC, the situation is over and the person responsible has been apprehended by the police.

The man walked into the campaign office shortly before 1 p.m. and took several hostages, police and witnesses said. He let a woman with an infant go immediately and at least one other woman got out about two hours later.


The suspect — clad in gray slacks, white dress shirt and a red tie — was put on the ground, handcuffed and taken two blocks to the police office in the back of a tactical response vehicle.

In reading reports, I’m glad to see that no one was hurt. Apparently he had a bomb, according to eyewitnesses and according to MSNBC, the suspect has a history of mental illness. Clinton still cancelled a planned speech today and commended her staff:

Clinton commended her volunteers for showing “extraordinary courage” under difficult circumstances. “I could not be prouder of the people in my campaign,” she said. “I am so grateful this day has ended well.”

She canceled all appearances, as did her husband, and the security around her was increased as a precaution.

So, that’s all over and done with. I can only imagine what cable news was like today.

What’s lame

All those egoblogging morons on DailyKos who feel the need to write a diary “If [insert Dem. candidate] is the nominee, I will [not] vote.” Who gives a flying fuck? How about writing something interesting and original? Some of these pointless diaries even made it to the reclist.

FARCE: CNN/YouTube "Debates"

I am so utterly disgusted with CNN and Anderson Cooper for that farce that occured last night. If you didn’t watch, you’re lucky. First of all, as I wrote on DailyKos today:

If they’re going to call these debates, then let the candidates debate. Otherwise call it what it is, Soundbite Forum. We all know that clips from these “debates” are going to wind up in ads.

1. There were a lot of submissions available on YouTube from engaged young adults. The questions were complex and revealed the people who were paying attention. Instead, CNN chose to use the simpleton questions that they probably would have asked.

2. As annoying whiny as Gravel was about not being able to speak, he had a point. When Obama or Clinton were allowed to ramble for 95 seconds and Gravel was interrupted during his 30 sec., something ain’t right.

3. The Springeresque sandbagging of Edwards was total bullshit. Edwards supporters on DailyKos have really driven me away from this man, but even I recognize a hit and that was one big time.

4. How about NOT choosing the questions with right-wing talking points. The Asian guy asking about taxes, with the GOP talking point should never had made it. I saw at least 7 intelligent posting online from young adults regarding taxes, all without right-wing frames.

5. Don’t insult the intelligence of your viewers and the candidates by having them answer stupid questions like, “Who was your favorite teacher?” or “Do your kids going to public/private school?” Those questions do NOT help us find the ideal candidate.

Usually, I get upset because the candidates do not answer the question. However, they’ve answered these stupid questions in previous “debates” and I’m glad they chose this time to expand on what they’ve already mentioned.

That being said, I can’t wait to see what they do for the Republicans. This so-called “liberal media” has lobbed nothing but softballs to Republicans for 7 years.

  • Are we honestly to believe that CNN will have the Republican candidates ask questions about Katrina, getting out of Iraq, global warming and gay marriage?
  • Will they have almost 20 minutes of fact-checking after the Republican debates?
  • Before the debates begin, will there be a roundtable discussion with a liberal columnist, Democratic strategist, a campaign strategist, all hosted by Patt Morrison or Robert Scheer?
  • How much time will they spend on picking apart Romney’s wardrobe?
  • Will they have Maria Elena Salinas back to discuss Latino issues or will they have some old white guy doing it (as usual)?