Circular logic hurts my brain

The kids want a Christmas tree. I tell them that we can’t afford a tree, so we won’t have one. The girl says, “Then we won’t get presents.” To which I reply, “Well, we can’t afford presents anyway, so yeah…there’ll be no presents.” Her response? “Get a tree and then there will be presents!”


Then I wonder how we got here.

We’ve only had a tree twice. And only last year, did we put gifts under them. In other words, Christmas just isn’t done here. I’ll assume that school and TV have filled their heads with this idea.

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  • You have two tree stands and no tree? Fascinating. </spock>

    We bought a fake tree years & years ago, a 60% off K-mart after-Christmas special, and put it up every year. It even sheds needles like a real tree! ;-) We probably won't have too many presents this year, except for Mason (the world's cutest grandson)… but he'll probably have an inkling of what's going on by next year so we'll be back to our usual balls to the wall thing…
  • Yes, but as I said, they were left by the previous owners. I'm not big on the tree thing. Adrian wanted a tree one year, so I got a bunch of ornaments. I also got stuck decorating the tree. I loathe tree trimming. I'd rather clean the toilet with a toothbrush. So, yeah..not eager, though we do have all these ornaments....
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