MINI DEATHWATCH: $2200 for a 4th transmission

The MINI was towed yesterday and the mechanic said it wasn’t the clutch, it was the transmission. Again. This will make it the 4th transmission in the 8 years we’ve had the car. Luckily, the first one was replaced under warranty. I believe the 2nd, we only paid half the price and the dealership covered the other half because it had been less than a year.

There comes a time when it’s not just worth it and I think we’ve come to it. The transmission issues, at least for manual cars (2002 – 2006), are known problems that BMW/MINI USA will not recognize. It’s something about metal bits rubbing off and winding up inside.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer 2002. Being carless is not an option. We have two small children now and don’t live in Hollywood any more. Cracking down on finding a car for our family. I am very sad over this. I like driving the MINI. I had no problem with the idea of getting a larger automobile, knowing that we still had the MINI to drive. I just assumed the larger car would be parked most of the time.

Time to be flexible. Everything else seems so big though! My driving habits will have to change. Driving a big car for a few days is one thing, but getting one to drive “forever” is different. We’ll figure out something.

  • Great! Thank for information, I'm looking for it for a long time,
  • You might consider a 4-door Civic. They're pretty solid cars all around, and you can get 40 mpg with the manual trans if you drive some highway miles & don't roost it off the line a lot. OTOH, they're a lot of fun to thrash around too. The newer ones have plenty of room, and even the older ones should be roomy enough for your kids for at least 4-5 years unless they get tall *real* fast.

    Mine was redneck-lowered by the previous owner torching the springs, so the ride kind of sucks, but Mrs. Fetched's stocker is pretty comfy.

    Hope you find something easy to afford and quickly, whatever you end up with…
  • Yeah, a Honda is out of the question. I'd never find my car here. =) Our limit is $20K, so it's looking more like a used Jetta wagon is going to be our new car. Hopefully, we can find one tomorrow, because our rental needs to be returned.
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