I just had the most painful conversation of the week:

Me: I’m calling to confirm that the appoitment for my son is today is at 1:30.

Receptionist: What’s your name?

Me: It’s a Anika, but the appointment is for my son

Receptionist: Oh. Okay. What’s your name?

I start spelling my name.

Receptionist: I can’t find it.

Me: You asked me for my name. This appointment is for my son. I just want to make sure it’s for today and not tomorrow.

Receptionist: Didn’t you write it down?

Me: I put it in my phone, but the girl I spoke to said something like, “It’s set up for the 2nd, I mean the 3rd” or vice versa.

Receptionist: Your son’s name is Vice Versa?

Me: What? [laughs] No, his name is Alton.

Receptionist: Oh. What is his first name?

Me: That is his first name.

Receptionist: Oh, that’s a weird first name.

Me [thinking]: This coming from a lady who thought Vice Versa was a name???

Me: Anyway…is his appointment today or tomorrow?

Receptionist: Spell his name.

Me: [spells name]

Receptionist: Has he been here before?

Me: No.

Receptionist: Oh, okay. Then we won’t have him in the system.

Me: [sigh] Look. I set up an appointment for him last week. It’s either today at 1:30 or tomorrow at 1:30. You will not make me believe that since he’s never been there before, he’s not listed for an appointment. That makes no sense.

Receptionist: Oh. Um.  Okay. It’s today at 1:30.

Me: *headdesk*

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  • Where to begin?!?

    Of all of the issues, the one that threw me the most was "Oh, that’s a weird first name." I don't care if his name is Super Green Dildo; a receptionist, even if incompetent, is supposed to at least be receptive.

    The sad thing is that the person that your son is seeing may be absolutely wonderful, but if she/he has a poor staff, the experience is ruined. Some people may be good at their specialties, but horrible at hiring staff.
  • debohobo
    Here's where it belongs:

    Funny, no annoying, no funny....and she probably manages the records too..scary, no funny, no scary.

    Competent service...where did it all go?
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