Look at me too! or Why women drive me nuts…

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There has to be a term for those women, the ones who when they see you flirting with someone immediately start flirting with that person too. Loser? Insecure prat? Pain the in ass? Leech? Sure I’ve noticed it before, but rarely paid it any mind. But now there is one particular person doing it and it’s just mind blowing. I actually would not have noticed, but in the course of a week, 3 different people who do not interact with her pointed it out to me.

So, in the interest of “science” and our sad need for amusement, 5 particular guys were chosen for me to flirt with. Bets were taken on how long it would take this woman to glom on to them.  Now, you have to keep in mind one thing: this person made it abundantly clear that these 5 dudes were not her type in any way. We started the “experiment” in late March. The findings were astonishing: With the exception of Dude #3, it took her at least 3 days to start flirting with the guy. Dude #3 took ONE  day.

What I find most fascinating is that she only does it me. Other women can flirt and she doesn’t react at all. It’s like we’re in this strange weird contest no one told me about. It makes interactions difficult only because I am forced to hold my tongue and not publiclly mock her desperate need for attention. And y’all know how I can get when it comes to a public mocking.

Everyone knows I flirt, but most often when speaking to guys, I am genuinely interested in the topic and not just the person.  If you see me asking a dude how was his day, or mentioning something from a previous conversation, it’s just talk. It’s called being friendly. It’s not a competition for some random dude’s attention. And if you see yourself in this, just stop.

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  • i think my ploblem is I don't flirt enough.
  • As someone who has some kind of neurotic fear of flirting it's interesting to hear you say how much you do it and how it becomes a competition. I should hang around you more to listen and learn!
  • sigh. ah, women.
  • Women are always in competition with one another. It's pretty sick.
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