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Since I was thinking of doing a meme a day for a month anyway, why not kick off with this one?

“It works like this: if you use Flickr, go to the sixth page of your photostream and pick the sixth picture there, then post it to your blog.”

Murano Console

Murano Console

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  • When i was using 360 blog on yahoo, also doing the same thing with the flickr. Somehow u can choose to have 6 picture or 4 also can. However u must cut the picture into a different pixes. Anyway thanks for the Tips about flickr. :)
  • Cool! Mine is a screenshot, so it doesn't count! :P
  • Fab, am I gonna be doing "Holidailies" without you??
    Are you over it?
    xox Ruth
  • :) I've been blogging daily at various places for the past 3 months. For
    some reason, my blog posts on my own blog are not showing up!

    Email: [email protected]
    inside the mind of an opinionated mama
  • It's not mine. It's from when I went to the Auto Show. Which reminds me, I need to figure out what happened to all my November posts.
  • Nice ride mama!
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