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Over at TPM, poster observer2 found this historical piece of amusement in the New York Times:

THE 1992 CAMPAIGN: The Front-Runner; Like Voters, Superdelegates Have Doubts About Clinton

That’s the headlines, ladies and gentlemen.  The money quotes:

“The voters haven’t embraced Clinton, so I don’t see any reason why I should endorse him,” Mr. Eckart said. “Look at the exit polls. People have terrible doubts about this guy, and we’re talking about Democrats.”

In the New York primary Tuesday, the turnout was exceptionally low, 29 percent of the electorate backed Mr. Tsongas, a ghost candidate, two-thirds of the voters said they were dissatisfied with the choice presented to them, and 4 in 10 said they doubted Mr. Clinton had the integrity to be President.


“There’s a real tug-of-war up here,” said one House member. “Especially on this side, there are a lot of people who are terrified that all the character questions, all the negatives about Clinton that showed up in New York, make him so weak that a lot of people will lose their seats.”

Which, you’ll note actually did happen.  The Clinton’s managed to lose control of the house in ’94 and didn’t raise a finger to stop it.  Shocker, huh?

But I think this sheds some light on Bill’s recent outbursts.  If I may play armchair psychoanalyst, this explains why he seems to be sabotaging his wife’s run for presidency:

In California, whose June 2 primary will provide the grand finale of the nominating campaign, only 2 of 34 superdelegates, Representatives Calvin Dooley and Maxine Waters, have endorsed Mr. Clinton. In Pennsylvania, site of the next major test, only 3 of 19, including two Members of Congress, have done so.

Come on…Sen. Clinton started her race with the backing of the party machine.  In lots of states, the conservative/neolib/DLC party machine churned and worked in her advantage.  She had clout–more clout than Bill did when he ran.  To make it worse, the only reason he did win was because of Ross Perot, pulling votes from Bush.  If his wife becomes president, she’ll be forever in history.  He’ll be a mere footnote.

That’s why Bill seems to be having all these “late night senior moments”.

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